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US Press About Ezine -"Houston Press" :

"... If you listen to music found anywhere else, this site would have you believe that the music is unoriginal. In fact, this page is "The Only place to find Original Music." That's capital O, capital M. ...Only those who create Original Music need apply. "


Q: What is "" ( , ???

A: makes it easy for musicians and promoters to connect with each other online: - new E-zine dedicated to Electronic, Experimental - creative Alternative/Indie music, also providing an Internet PR and music promotion service + ( is the recognized leader in Experimental music downloads .

Our Site is designed for networking within the music industry, making it easy for artists and promoters to connect with each other online. As an Artist Registered Member, you can submit information about yourself to connect with promoters for performances, music conferences, songwriting competitions, licensing or recording opportunities, clubs, and other opportunities . You may utilize your account to connect with promoters, other artists and fans.

ATTN New Offer Coming Soon: "Download Showbiz Database" (record company A&Rs, managers, producers & publishers, incl. credits & contact etc).

Q: Your recent media/pr partners/ promoters and content providers ???

A: Island Records (Kerli , Bon Jovi , Rihanna , Tori Amos, Toni Braxton, Fall Out Boy, Elton John, Portishead , Sugababes, Tokio Hotel, Lionel Richie etc ) , Platform One Entertainment (Artist Rooster: Major - Alice in Chains, Maroon 5 , Dido, Avril Lavigne , Bon Jovi , Kiss , Outcast etc, Indie - The ready set , Karisa Winett, The Crash Motive, Frozen Tundraetc) ; One Little Indian Records (Björk , Sneaker Pimps , Sigur Ros , The Shamen , Skunk Anansie , Chumbawamba , Kelli Ali etc) ; Eastern Promotion (one of the most respected agencies for jazz, blues and other musical genres in the world) . Magnum PR - Magnum's artist roster exudes a fresh uniqueness with a current and past roster that reads like a Who's Who of pioneering rock and dance music, everyone from The Prodigy, Portishead, Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream, The Futureheads, and Gnarls Barkley. Magnum's campaigns are all brilliantly engineered and well-timed mixture of trade, consumer, fanzine, tour, national lifestyle, syndication, fashion, and Internet, newsworthy and music media. Magnum's strategy is to retain the artist's original fan base and credibility while pursuing their route to mega-success. Magnum has always prided itself on breaking new artists in media and crossing underground acts into the mainstream. From current chart topping campaigns Gnarls Barkley (already Platinum in less than 3 months), and Snow Patrol (achieved Gold Status), Magnum's groundbreaking campaigns incur Gold to Platinum record status, while achieving Grammy Award Winning campaigns. Grammy's have been delivered to the following artists during Magnum press campaigns: Moby (play) NIN (The Downward Spiral), The Chemical Brothers (Two time winning), Daft Punk, and The Basement Jaxx and here's to what comes Grammy wise for Gnarls Barkley . Stunt Company ( The Cardigans, PAUL OAKENFOLD, Mause on Mars , Owl City etc) ; Interscoop / Myspace Records ,


Q: Who can submit material ?

A: We welcome participants of all age groups and music genres. The opportunity is open to group performers as well as solo acts. (However If your releases are pure pop, mainstream dance, metal or new age specials, we are not the right people to send stuff to. Sorry). Also we do not review CDs from unsigned artists/bands...

Q: Do you hate unsigned Artists/Bands ???!!!

A: NO ! we promote unsigned Bands on the web - click below - Promote your Music:


ATTN: We are currently searching for unsigned bands, artists, songwriters & composers of any style, any genre - Rock, Rap, Folk, Country, Pop, R&B & More.

Whereas, it is currently the policy of all major film & TV show producers not to accept unsolicited material, we work hand in hand with a company, which has an ongoing relationship with them. Having real access to the right people who have the power to place your music in film and television, this is the company that you will be dealing with at the end. Our job is finding music that has potential to be accepted. If your song is accepted, we'll be giving you the contact information, which at that time you'll be contacted & receive a contract. Please note, you will not be obligated to accept the contract if you choose not to.

Remember, taking your music into the TV & film industry is no small task. The competition is fierce and there are thousands of incredibly talented people standing in your way. You need a way to stand out from the crowd a way to make your music heard above all the rest. We can help you to do just that.


If you are an unsigned band or artist and want to get your music heard by a record label, we have the resource, influence and the key A & R record label contacts that will allow you to achieve the best promotion and exposure of your music demo submission.


Q: What are the guidelines for submitting a song ?

A: The song submitted must be the songwriter's original work. We generally ask that participants limit their submissions to two songs. Do NOT send CDs - To submit music Online: inform us via Email of the location where your music can be downloaded.We ask that you include a short 300-500 word Bio/History about you or your band along with any images you would like us to have and your music. You should zip them up into one file when you submit them to us. Optional: Upon MP3 submission, we ask that you provide us with your standard postal mailing address . [ read Terms and Conditions ]




What You Get

By submitting your URL above we 100% guarantee your music will be heard, reviewed and feedback provided by one of our professional team.  (the review of the Artist's material will include aspects such as; track structure & development, hit potential, and vocal performance, etc).

If your material is accepted, you will receive the following:

    • Exposure on our Featured Artist page.
    • An individually tailored Electronic Press Kit (EPK).
    • Inclusion on our monthly newsletter , sent to fans, press and record labels (Your message delivered to our qualified, targeted audience of over 30,000 and growing. E-Newsletters Reach highly qualified target audiences with e-newsletters, event updates, promotional emails and more) .


    How it Works

    In order to maintain our strong relationship with our contacts, before we consider representing any artist / band we will first review your material.  To be considered for representation by please submit your URL above and click Buy Now.  All submissions will receive basic feedback, guaranteed.

    If your material is to the required standards and has good commercial potential we will offer you our online Music Promotion Service.  Assuming you accept the offer, we will create a tailored EPK for you, prepare your material for submission to record labels / other media and upload your EPK to . ( example: "Featured Indie Artists EPK " promo page)

    This package is perfect for artists with finished material looking for exposure to record labels and potential record labels deals.

    It is also suited for Artist's that are selling their own material independently (on itunes, etc) as we can provide your material extra coverage and help drive your sales .


The Challenge Facing Unsigned Artists
The problem for unsigned artists submitting demos direct to UK/US/EU labels is that increasingly record labels do not deal with or accept unsolicited submissions. These artists themselves are not in the position to know the key record label contacts and strategy to get their music heard by a record label.

There are countless numbers of artists competing for individual attention and there is a great deal of talent out there, but most never have the chance or opportunity to get heard because they fail to make a credible approach to the record labels. This behaviour is forced upon the record companies as they receive hundreds of unsolicited music demo submissions every week.

The majority of these are discarded without review, as the time and cost of listening to each one is unjustifiable. Even the most meticulous A & R representative will only listen to the first 30 seconds of a track or quickly speed through your first track to get to the chorus. Those that are reviewed rarely meet the record company's specific requirements.

Fundamentally, an artist submitting an unsolicited demo direct to a record company is unproductive. If you want A & R to pay any interest to your music, you must know them personally. This is where' expertise as an unsigned band promoter comes in to play.

The Success Achieved
The degree of success we achieve is varied and cannot be guaranteed. Ultimately, our success depends directly on the quality of the music we receive from you.

If you are a songwriter and not a singer, it is common practice to have another vocalist perform your music to bring out its best potential. We receive many good demos with excellent musicianship, but it is crucial to remember that the most vital characteristic of your music demo submission is to have a commercial song with a solid rhythm and fantastic lead vocals that will gain enough interest from the record label's A & R team for them to invest heavily in a new act.

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