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MAGNUM PR + WeirdMusic.net NEWS -

* ATTN: For Immediate Release



Magnum PR - Magnum's artist roster exudes a fresh uniqueness with a current and past roster that reads like a Who's Who of pioneering rock and dance music, everyone from The Prodigy, Portishead, Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream, The Futureheads, Yoko Ono , Nine Inch Nails , Daft Punk , Armand Van Helden and Gnarls Barkley. Magnum's campaigns are all brilliantly engineered and well-timed mixture of trade, consumer, fanzine, tour, national lifestyle, syndication, fashion, and Internet, newsworthy and music media. Magnum's strategy is to retain the artist's original fan base and credibility while pursuing their route to mega-success. Magnum has always prided itself on breaking new artists in media and crossing underground acts into the mainstream. From current chart topping campaigns Gnarls Barkley (already Platinum in less than 3 months), and Snow Patrol (achieved Gold Status), Magnum's groundbreaking campaigns incur Gold to Platinum record status, while achieving Grammy Award Winning campaigns. Grammy's have been delivered to the following artists during Magnum press campaigns: Moby (play) NIN (The Downward Spiral), The Chemical Brothers (Two time winning), Daft Punk, and The Basement Jaxx and here's to what comes Grammy wise for Gnarls Barkley.


New York, NY: For Immediate Release: Sept. 15, 2010
NYC-based Agencies The MuseBox and Magnum PR Announce Merger

Great news for bands and brands; the full-service International Marketing, Publicity, Management and Distribution agency The MuseBox is thrilled to announce a merger with ace PR and Artist Development agency Magnum PR . Combining relationships and skills that can only come from a team of music-driven, innovative entrepreneurs, the merger of these two powerhouse companies creates an innovative marketing model for the music and lifestyle branding community.

In response to the fragmentation of the traditional approach to pop-culture marketing, The MuseBox has created a menu of "360 Services" that provides a comprehensive and effective approach to artist development, marketing, branding, management, distribution and publicity.

"Both The MuseBox and Magnum PR teams are made up of music and culture-obsessed veterans, that live within, and impact a massive network of savvy and creative, discretionary free-thinkers. Magnum PR, and SiouxZ in particular, have built a loyal roster of the most innovative and original talent of the past two decades. The merging of our two companies makes a dynamic alliance and represents the birth of a new model of an artist-friendly, full-service agency of the highest standards." says CEO/Founder of The MuseBox Nadine Gelineau.

The companies have combined their impressive roster of clients culled from a wide variety of genres, backgrounds and brands. Some of these include Bill Hicks, Royksopp, Beak>, Portishead, The Prodigy, The Glitch Mob, Underworld, Calvin Harris, Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, The Avalanches, Martina Topley-Bird, Maroon 5, Morgans Hotel Group, Chick Corea, Orbital, Primal Scream, The Radio Dept., Wolf & Cub, OMD, The Dø, by;larm Festival, Minus The Bear, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Twin Tigers, Badly Drawn Boy, Alpha Rev, AWOLNATION, Brooklyn Industries, Robert Randolph, TracksAndFields.com , M For Montreal, Barefoot Wines, and many more.

The MuseBox and Magnum PR will operate together under the name The MuseBox.

Magnum PR Founder SiouxZ commented, "I'm truly looking forward to joining the incredible team of like-minded music enthusiasts at The Musebox. Guiding artists careers has been a real motivator for me and to find that I can sync up my creativity to Nadine & Co's will be an incredible thing to experience."

The MuseBox currently offers a wide set of services which is uniquely adapted for each client to strategically focus on the goals of each campaign. This merger adds years of branding and marketing experience, extensive contacts in both underground and mainstream cultures, and a comprehensive approach to multi-tiered domestic and international marketing expertise.

With offices in both New York and Toronto, The MuseBox helps build stronger brands and higher public profile through creative marketing, publicity and lifestyle branding. In emphasizing brand strategy and tastemaker marketing, The MuseBox utilizes media connections, seed products, unique promotions, and relationships in an extremely diverse international music business network. This approach targets those who create trends, rather than those who follow; fostering participatory marketing and resulting in lasting impressions.

Who's in our AMERICAN MuseBox ?

Acid House Kings *Anika * Anova * Ari Shine * Artist Series Guitar * Awolnation * Lovett * Bill Hicks * Bin Laden Blowin Up * Bleu * Bow Thayer * Burning The Masses * Calvin Harris * Capsula * Casey Jones * Chapter 14 * Chick Corea * Commerce * Deez Nuts * Elektra Records * Exit Calm * Full Blown Chaos * Global Soundclash * Head Like A Kite * Home Video * Izabo * Kae Sun * John Joseph * King Conquer  *Kissy Sell Out * Kopecky Family Band * Lionheart * Living Days * Lelia Broussard * Lights On Moscow * Lindsey Ray * Living Days *  M for Montreal *Malea McGuiness * Maroon 5 * Martina Topley Bird * Miles Jones * Minus The Bear * MixPak Records * Mediaskare Records * NEeMA * Mon Khmer * My Other Friend * Nitzer Ebb * Oholics * Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) * Roll Call Records * Royksopp* Rumspringa * Scattered Trees * SESAC * The Brute Chorus * The Glitch Mob * The Fumes * The Knocks *The Lines * The Morning After Girls * The Rattles * The Radio Dept. * The Real Nasty * The SheepDogs * The Red Shore * Track&Fields.com * Transfer * Tummy Touch Records * Twin Tigers * Unsolved Mysteries * Underworld * White Belt Yellow Tag * Wolf & Cub

Who's in our CANADIAN MuseBox ?

Allie Hughes * Behind Sapphire * Fuzzy Logic Records * Data Romance * Get Bent Records * Great Bloomers * Green Go * Ingrid Gatin * Kae Sun * Kites Overhead * La Casa Muerte * Language-Arts * M for Montreal * Megan Bonnell *My Son the Hurricane * Nadia Von Hahn * Nash * Paper Lions * Racoon Wedding * Royksopp * Ruby Coast * Shortwave * Sue Foley & Peter Karp * The Birthday Cakes * The Consonance * The Futureless * The Polymorphines * The Vicious Guns * the Wilderness * The Wooden Sky * UGO Crew * Uncut * We Were Lovers * Wool On Wolves * Xavier Rudd




The Prodigy: "Invaders Must Die"

(Take Me To The Hospital/Cooking Vinyl 03/03/09)

‘Invaders Must Die'
is 40 minutes of having your head battered by future nostalgia, serotonin levels twisted by feel-good horrorcore and your synapses snapped by whiplash attitude. It's the sound of The Prodigy mixing up genres, contorting the past and rewiring the future, ram-raiding through the tranquility of music's status quo like a blot on the landscape of England's dreaming.

The first thing you notice about Invaders Must Die is how complete it sounds, a consistent collection of bangers all firing from the same cannon. The next thing you notice about Invaders Must Die is just how melodic it is. Not just melody in the vocal sense but in the heyday-of-hardcore keyboard-hookline sense. Yes, if The Prodigy have learned anything from the hugely successful live shows was that those old skool rave anthems still rock hard - and are every bit as iconic to their generation as punk was to the nation's forty-something's.

So Invaders Must Die is awash with references to the free party generation, thundering along like the mother of all E-rushes, all hairs tingling, spine jumping and lips buzzing. But not a retroactive arms-in-the-air, water-sharing nostalgia trip, but a set fuelled by punk's saliva-dripping rabid snarl.  Take 'Colours', the first tune The Prodigy recorded for this set with it's 1992 polysynth riffing that sounds like The Stranglers' 'No More Heroes' parachuted into the middle of a Castlemorton circa 1992. Or 'Thunder', the 21st century bastard child of the classic 'Out of Space'.

‘Take Me To The Hospital' finds Keith and Maxim flexing over a vintage Prodigy riff. Suitably rusted, distorted and in need of urgent medication it bites like the soundtrack to Dante's Inferno. While the live favorite 'Worlds On Fire' resurrects a 'flaming' theme and applies it to a groove straight out second album 'Music for the Jilted Generation. 'Omen' and ‘Warriors Dance' are both beamed straight into the moshpit from rave central, while 'Piranha' rips the threads from the back of 60's garage and beats it into the filthy gutters of modern urban life.

Any old skool bonhomie floating around the riffs of this album are quickly slaughtered by 'Run with the Wolves' where The Prodigy's self-assured, gang-minded campaign turns into a maniacal, nose bleeding, heads-against-the-wall warzone. With added drum-pounding energy supplied by Dave Grohl.

And finally Invaders Must Die delivers its last brilliant twist with ‘Stand Up' a horn-led sunrise anthem that aches with the positivity of a new dawn, walking the line of a burning horizon with the swaggering look of satisfaction that only comes when you instinctively know you've achieved what you set out to do.

Cocky? Perhaps, but wouldn't you be if you'd seen off all of the invaders with your most complete album yet, the first for your own record label?

Invaders Must Die is the unique sound of The Prodigy, still trespassing after all these years, walking the path they've created for themselves. And with that free party attitude still breaking and entering where other's can only dream of following.


1.    Invaders Must Die
2.    Omen
3.    Thunder
4.    Colours
5.    Take Me To The Hospital
6.    Warriors Dance
7.    Run With The Wolves
8.    Omen Reprise
9.    World's On Fire
10.  Piranha
11.  Stand Up




Playing to sold out crowds almost every night throughout Europe, Gringo Star have made a whole new bunch of fans from being the main support to And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. They now hit the road in the UK with fellow Atlantans, the Black Lips. The hardest working band from the South will return to these shores next month, playing select shows and festivals thoroughout the country. Keep your eye out for them ! Tour dates below.

Debut album, 'All Y'all' , OUT NOW (My Anxious Mouth)


Portishead - No. 2 on P4K's Top 50 Albums of '08
Friday, 19 December 2008 09:37

Portishead's 'Third' album scored the number 2 spot on Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums of 2008. 

"Musically, no dominant trend or theme emerged in 2008, so it makes a perverse kind of sense that one of its best records came from a band left for dead that emerged out of nowhere with a fragmented take on itself. When Third was originally announced, the prevailing consensus seemed to be that folks were: 1) Happy to have Portishead back, and 2) Skeptical about how their formula would translate in 2008.  Turns out, Portishead had long ago shed their skin. Instead of anything resembling noirish, sample-heavy trip-hop, the trio returned with a palette of songs that spanned prettified acoustic folk to gnarly industrial to eerie electronic ballads.

Their decade-long attitudinal shift was most dramatically articulated, though, in their production style; where the trio's previous full-lengths were tidy, neatly assembled affairs, the songs on Third-- from the chippy musicianship on opener "Silence" to the electric Joy Division homage "We Carry On"-- sounded roughshod and bedraggled. Elsewhere, they diversified: The shimmering "Hunter" recalled Broadcast at their ghostliest, "Small"s foggy psychedelia belied a love for early 70s Krautrock, and the ukulele-led "Deep Water" wouldn't have been out of place on a Feist record. Meanwhile, the stuttering cacophony of "Machine Gun" and devastating "The Rip" were two of the tracks of the year. The sound of a band choosing decay over craft, no album leapt out the speakers quite like Third. --Mark Pytlik"



Say Hello To CRUSHED RECORDS, Brooklyn's Hottest New Record Label! They Are Dropping A Label Compilation And Hosting A Party To Celebrate!

Crushed Records was founded by married indie dance-pop duo Purple Crush. They became an integral creative force in the New York underground club scene with their infectious self-released dancefloor track “Shopping on the Dancefloor”   and “Welcome to Emoclub” EP through the blogs and extensive US and European touring, opening for acts such such as Crystal Castles, Yelle, Spank Rock, Steve Aoki , and LA Riots .

“acrobatic dancing and raunchy rhymes” – RCRD LBL

“Welcome 2 Emo Club, doesn't bring to mind heavy electro synths and programmed, dancefloor-ready beats, but such unpredictability is part of the fun when listening to this singer/producer duo.” - XLR8R

"Purple Crush is what happens when a neon Kate Bush and Lil'Kim meet at a rave.” - WAD Magazine

Crushed Records quickly became a hub for emerging New York artists and producers. With a blossoming roster Purple Crush decided it was time to gather together a compilation to reflect the exciting talent Crushed Records was housing.  Titled after the label's blog, You Been Crushed , this compilation goes everywhere from nu-disco to electro house, dubstep to emo-pop, and enlists singers, producers, club promoters, and djs who all are helping to build the new music scene.

Available June 2nd at iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Turntable Lab, Amazon and more....

Track Listing:

1. NYC Bad Girl - Purple Crush
2. Im A Freak - Nic Xedro
3. Tocatta - Mike Genius
4. Little Wildkat - Flashmen
5. Junglishious - WZRDZ
6. Crazy Old Maurice - Loud Pipes
7. Rebel Rebel (Purple Crush remix) - American Folklore
8. Bob Dob (Craven Moorhaus remix) - Mike Genius

Check out a little preview of You Been Crushed Vol. 1 and click HERE to Download a FREE MP3 of Flashmen's “Little Wildkat”
To kick things off Crushed Records is throwing a bash at Brooklyn's Glasslands on May 28th to showcase some of the labels' brightest rising stars.
10pm - Chaz and Jason
11pm - Flashmen
12am - Live shows: Nic Xedro, Purple Crush, Leif
1:30am - WZRDZ
2:30am - Dj Krames You Been Crushed Blog : http://youbeencrushed.blogspot.com/
Purple Crush : myspace.com/purplecrush

WZRDZ : myspace.com/WZRDZ

Leif : myspace.com/leif

Mike Genius : myspace.com/hesmikegenius

Nic Xedro : myspace.com/nicxedro

American Folklore : myspace.com/Americanfolklore

Bradley D : myspace.com/bradleydyo



The long awaited Foetus deluxe CD + DVD release LIMB is now available on Ectopic Ents,
distributed exclusively at the online shoppe. http://www.foetus.org/shop

LIMB is an archival release of experimental, instrumental and minimal compositions recorded
from 1980-1983, from the early days of Foetus and pre-Foetus. Though the material is
largely unreleased, some of the pieces have been previously released on the
compilation albums by Coil and United Dairies. Some were excavated and some of it
was reconstructed or re-edited from compositions on cassette. One piece is
constructed from an organ part written in 1982, which JG took the liberty of
finishing in 2008. These pieces were made before the introduction of MIDI and
sampling technology. It shows the lineage and genesis of some of the methods that JG
is working in today.

LIMB is released as a double disc package. The music disc contains 12 tracks
at 50+ minutes with an additional 20 minute bonus mp3 track.

On the second disc, director Clement Tuffreau kindly allowed Ectopic Ents to include his 2005
documentary about JG Thirlwell, NYC FOETUS, with this package. The eighty minute
film features interviews with JG Thirlwell, Matt Johnson (the The), Alex Hacke (Einsturzende
Neubauten), Michael Gira, Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch, Martin Bisi and Elysian Fields
along with a lot of never before seen footage of Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia
and more. There is also with 45 minutes of bonus extras, comprised of Steroid
Maximus 18 piece ensemble live in France, Foetus live in Hannover, Manorexia live at
The Stone NYC and a snippet of JG's League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots
commission at 3 Legged Dog in NYC. The film is subtitled in French .
You can see a trailer for the documentary here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixWmS0K1H9E

This limited deluxe package also contains a 48 page perfect bound book with minimal designs
by JGT (all in his signature red, white, gray and black palette).
This is all held in an attractive sturdy plastic slipcase printed with another of JG's designs.

+ + + + +

01. Sick Mins (Ectopic Version) 8'39"
02. Ezekiel's Wheels 1'38"
03. Te Deum 4'50"
04. The Anxious Figure 4'03"
05. Primordial Industry 6'12"
06. Industrial Go-slow 3'37"
07. That We Forbid 2'49"
08. Sjogren's Syndrome 7'17"
09. Echolation 1'22"
10. TO45 tag 1'37"
11. Piano Piece 4'03"
12. The Caterpillar Kid 5'52"

plus bonus track (mp3 file)
You Have To Obey 20'00"

NY Foetus
A documentary about JG Thirlwell by Clement Tuffreau
+ many bonus extras of Steroid Maximus live, Foetus, Manorexia, LEMUR and more!

+ + + + + +

Also in the works -
* JG Thirlwell aka Foetus is currently scoring season four of the Venture Bros, the hit cartoon on Adult Swim. The Venture Bros soundtrack album is out now on CD and vinyl on Williams Street Records www.williamsstreet.com/cat/CDs/The-Venture-Bros-Album-on-CD.html
* He is also working on new commissions for the Kronos Quartet.
* This summer JG will record an album of chamber adaptations of material from his Manorexia project.
* JG Thirlwell's remix of NYC band Excepter out next month.



(aka Violet Clark and Black Francis)


'Petits Fours', is the debut album from Grand Duchy, aka Violet Clark and Black Francis. Featuring 9 tracks, 'Petits Fours' is the joint venture between Clark and Francis, and contains driving bass lines, a healthy dose of synths and some excellent vocals from Clark, alongside Francis' trademark guitar squalls. The band performed a handful of select West Coast warmup dates last month and now kick off a full US tour. Black Francis shows are also not to be missed, - expect to be treated to him drawing on material from his entire career...

Catch them at one of the following shows (more to be announced).


6 Edmonton, Starlight, (BF)
7 Calgary, The Grand (BF)
8 Regina, The Exchange (BF)
10 Minneapolis, MN, Triple Rock (BF)
11 Madison, WI, High Noon (early show) (BF)
14 Pittsburgh, Club Café (BF)
15 Easton, MD, Avalon Theatre (BF)
16 Washington, DC, Black Cat (GD)
17 Hoboken, NJ, Maxwells (GD)
18 Coney Island, New York, NY, Siren Festival (GD)
19 Cambridge, MA, Middle East (GD)
20 Wellfleet, MA , Beachcomber (BF)
23 Cleveland, OH, Grog Shop (BF)
24 Chicago, IL, Subterranean (GD)
25 Chicago, IL, Wicker Park Festival (GD)
29 Denver, CO, Walnut Room (BF)


2 Seattle, WA, Triple Door (BF)
4 Portland, OR, Aladdin Theatre (BF)

BF/Black Francis, GD/Grand Duchy

Debut album, Petits Fours,
OUT NOW on Cooking Vinyl

“A cross between Pixies stomp, Breeders pop and electronica soundscaping, "Petits Fours" is a sonic mosaic.” Metromix

“You're in for a right royal treat” BBC Music

“…slipping reassuringly into his Black Francis scream at points, and bashing out dirty buzzsaw guitar riffs with alacrity on tracks such as "Lovesick” … his gentler side is responsible for some of the album's most engaging moments, notably the beautiful pop melody of "Ermesinde" and the seductive "Come On Over to My House"…
The Independent

“Amongst the nine tracks are some of Black's best work but although the album's ambience shifts - from the darkness in 'Black Suit' and 'Long Song' to the whimsy in 'Volcano!' and the breezy 'Break The Angels' - the consistency does not.”
Drowned In Sound

”Fresh and really rather fab” Mojo

“Black Francis has brewed up a pretty thirst-quenching prospect with this new venture with his wife.” NME

“Grand Duchy have enough fun on the album that more often than not, it's contagious.” All Music Guide

www.cookingvinyl.com / www.grandduchymusic.com /





US tour dates!

NY/LA press days forthcoming...

The Datsuns are not to be missed live - simply one of the best rock and roll bands around, these dates will be the band's first US shows in over 3 years!

07/13 - Café Du Nord - San Francisco, CA

07/14 - Echo - Los Angeles, CA

07/17 - TT The Bears - Boston, MA

07/18 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY

07/19 - Sala Rossa - Montreal, Quebec
07/20 - The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, Ontario
07/21 - Majestic Café - Detroit, MI
07/22 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
New album, 'Headstunts' out NOW (Cooking Vinyl)

“The Datsuns are heads above and years ahead of most of their contemporaries and are one of the few retro-rockers to actually have songs to go along with their raucous sound.” Chart Attack

“Eye of the Needle" rides some space-guitar swirl atop its Gary Glitter rumble, and the more concise and gang-shouty "Highschool Hoodlums" could've halfway passed as Antmusic in 1981” Spin

“The album drips powerful riffs, crunching guitars, all coming at you from a basis of some strong melodies. A case in point is the unputdownable “Your Bones”. Part punk pop, part whatever you want to call it, it thunders along with a hugely memorable song that will have you unconsciously humming the damn thing at the most embarrassing moments.” BlogCritics

“Amid a rush of guitars and migraine-inducing drums, singer Dolf de Borst rants and raves with wild-eyed fervor, but thoughtful twists lurk within the noise of songs…” Mother Jones

“High School Hoodlums is like any song about school done by 30-somethings: amazing. Best of all is Eye Of The Needle, an epic Doors-y inside a bag of popcorn.” NME

“Headstunts stands alone as a pretty fine effort; enough melody and rhythm (‘Ready, Set, Go!') to avoid total hearing decay, but some super fine prog moments too (‘Eye Of The Needle') and of course, countless crouch-grinding, '70s guitar solos.” Clash

“The riffs are thunderous, teetering between punk and metal like early Motorhead, Human Error and So Long are powerful enough to rearrange the atoms in your head.” Classic Rock

www.cookingvinyl.com / www.thedatsuns.com / www.myspace.com/thedatsuns /




The Jaguar Club 'And We Wake Up Slowly'

Spending the whole of 2006 and 2007 playing shows up and down the East coast in Maine, Florida and everywhere in between with the likes of Love of Diagrams , The Duke Spirit , The Cinematics and Bear Hands , The Jaguar Club finally decided to stay put for awhile to focus their efforts wholeheartedly on crafting their debut album. Written in a sweaty Brooklyn basement and recorded in a giant, creaky barn in upstate New York overshadowed by the Catskill Mountains, you can hear those two different worlds at work in the music: songs brought to life by panoramic production, layers of new-found sounds, and the sweet satisfaction of cooking your dinner outside under the stars.

After their reprieve in the depths of the wilderness, they confidently entered into Marcata Recordings and laid down 13 tracks under the guidance of Kevin McMahon ( French Kicks , The Walkmen , Titus Andronicus , DieDieDie , Frightened Rabbit ). This resulted in an amazing amalgamation of tracks propelled forward by Jeremiah Joyce's explosive percussion and Yoichiro Fujita's strong bassline with vocals that soar and uplift you courtesy of singer/guitarist Will Popadic's penetrating voice not unlike the monotone croon of Interpol's Paul Banks or even Morrissey combined with lyrical styling reminiscent of David Byrne. 
“Apart from the new romantic singing style of front-man Will Popadic, I don't think there's anything overtly retro about Jaguar Club's sound. They're doing their own thing.“ -Brooklyn Vegan

“The Jaguar Club's music owes a lot to 80's new wave, but then again 80's new wave should owe a lot to the Jaguar Club. A lot of bands mine the genre for inspiration and somehow throttle the life out of it at the same time. The Jaguar Club's spare three piece set up…make new wave listenable again, without a hint of kitsch” -Deli Magazine

“dance inducing infectious energy.“ -EarFarm Upcoming Shows:
06/19 - Glasslands - Brooklyn, NY
06/25 - Club NME @ The Annex - New York, NY 07/30 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY






Stockholm's Noisiest Popstars The Legends Take over NY the week of June 22

 " Applying shrieking guitar feedback to spun-sugar melodies like razor blades cutting across smooth teenage skin, he exaggerates the Jesus and Mary Chain extremes of “Seconds Away,” a love song to the antidepressant Trypitzol. Song after song, he slices away at his sadness until the clouds lift and a glockenspiel twinkles. The effect is so not corny" -8/10 Spin Magazine

" T he best thing to come out of Sweden since meatballs, cheap furniture and Anita Ekberg is Stockholm-based band The Legends. We've been obsessed with the Legends' breezy, fuzzy, noise pop" - Paper Magazine

Over and Over  might be The Legends' best since their first” - Brooklyn Vegan

“If My Bloody Valentine swallowed Peter, Bjorn and John" - Three Imaginary Girls


Whether he's horseback riding or running the marathon, the man behind Stockholm-based  The Legends , Johan Angergård, ( Club 8, Pallers, Acid House Kings ) and the highly coveted  Labrador Records  (equivalent to Sweeden's Sub Pop) has been known to take his audience for quite a ride.With jarring shifts in musical direction since 2003, The Legends are notorious for being resilient to change; unwilling to compromise their sound, while relentlessly confusing and annoying his audience along the way. As Brooklyn Vegan noted, this is not surprise since  Angergård is an '80s indie pop sponge who lists Lloyd Cole, Front 242, My Bloody Valentine, OMD and about 20 other disparate acts as influences “

And back by popular demand, The Legends will perform a brilliantly modern mix of white noise, 60's girls pop, indie, ambient and krautrock from their forthcoming release “Over and Over" plus a few gems from earlier releases. This marks their first NYC appearance since 2006.


Tuesday JUNE   23 @ THE BELL HOUSE:  OH MY ROCKNESS PRESENTS THE LEGENDS 10:30 / The Drums 9:30 / Soft City 8:45-9:15 / Care Bears On Fire 8:00-8:30

 Thursday June 24 @ SANTOS with Blacklist

Friday:  June 26 @ STUDIO with Band of Skulls (The Legends: 9:30)

 More dates TBA


As the lead vocalist and guitarist, Johan plays a crucial role in determining the direction of the band, claiming, “I'm not a very skilled musician,” Johan originally intended on forming a band with people who hadn't played before because he wanted to appear more professional, but in the end, he chose individuals who each brought a unique story: Jonas Färm (guitar), Liane Moccia (vocals/percussion),who sang in Brooklyn band Tralala  and who's voice is heard on The Legends current summer tune ALWAYS THE SAME , Martin Nordvall (bass) and Jonathan Hummelman (drums), who are all noted Stockholm musicians in their own right. Labrador artists,  Henrik Mårtensson of the dark electro duo Pallers , Philip Ekström of The Mary Onettes , and Karolina Komstedt of Club 8 are among those lending their talent to “Over and Over”.

Although changing style from album to album is typically thought to be commercial suicide,  The Legends  couldn't care less, and strangely enough, this has paid off! Their albums have ranged and changed from a mix of Motown, C-86, and synthpop to today's noise pop, but there is a common thread which links their music from one album to the next - “I only follow my heart, my taste in music and write about what's on my mind. For good or bad, my view on life and my taste in music hasn't really changed over the years.” While  “Over and Over”  starts in a dark, black hole of noisy, angst-driven pop, it gradually lets in more light, letting the last song written bear obvious signs of hope. The result is a multifaceted album well kept together by a love for mixing noise and experimental sounds with vibrant pop melodies – this is undoubtedly the strongest and most innovative Legends album to date!


Over and Over released on June 16 Labrador Records /Caroline



Detroit-based label Full Effect Records announces the signing of Martin Atkins ' legendary Industrial supergroup PIGFACE .

PIGFACE members have included a virtual who's-who of Industrial dance music. Past contributors include Trent Reznor (NIN) , Ogre (Skinny Puppy) , Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat) , and an ever-rotating cast of notable artists. The band's unique approach to collaboration creates of sense of mystery. It's hard to predict the direction of the band's new music, let alone who will be performing at their live shows. Our live shows get kind of crazy," Atkins says. "Often with 12 or more performers on the stage at one time." The new PIGFACE album, entitled 6 is released June 16th and has already cracked the CMJ Top 200 Adds and the Top 5 RPM Adds! Atkins has much to say about the new album, which was seven years in the making. “This process began before the last tour, way before it. Some tracks came together at the very end of the tour. Upon return, we all went immediately in the studio to see what we had (even Hanin Elais was there). Later, Chris Connelly came in to do vocals on “Electric Knives Club.” Everything was going along very well (for a Pigface album) then I decided to go to China.... In many ways my China Dub Soundsystem album was Pigface 5.5. When I got back in late 2006, I started editing 16 Days in China which just won the Best Feature Length Documentary Award at CIMM 2009. Before I went back to China in 2008, the guys from Zeromancer had dramatically re-worked “Mercenary.” I took that hard drive into a huge, beautiful SSL studio (A String) in Beijing and mixed it there. So, yeah....this album has been a long time coming.”
While guided--as always--by the creative instincts of Atkins, 6 features new and veteran PIGFACE contributors, such as En Esch (ex-KMFDM) and Chris Connelly . Full Effect label owner Anthony Srock sees the influence PIGFACE has had on the music scene and how they fit with the label. “PIGFACE has always been cutting edge in the Industrial world," Srock says. "We, as a label, are truly honored to have the PIGFACE camp join us." PIGFACE is a prolific act, putting out numerous albums, remixes and compilations since its inception in 1991. Most of those releases came out on Atkins' own Invisible Records. But the release of 6 on Full Effect marks the very first time Atkins has put out a new full-length album on another label. “Pigface has always been something different for me and looking at the prospect of releasing
the album through my own channels I realized that I just didn't feel like it. I thought that maybe it was time for someone who would be enthusiastic about the finished album to sink their teeth into it. Does that make any sense? That, in some ways, for me, the album is finished. My A.D.D. brain is busy with plans for the publishing company and the new school I'm starting. But, for Tony and Full Effect it's just beginning. I'm excited to see what they can do with their machinery and interested in how NOT being responsible for all of this will free me up. I'm actually looking forwards to the prospect of a tour where EVERYTHING isn't at my feet. I've know Tony for a long time - back from when I used to drink (that's a long time) so this feels good to me......and, shit, Rabbit Junk rocks!!!
This summer PIGFACE officially joins the ranks of Full Effect Records along with as Faster Pussycat, Fashion Bomb, Final Cut, Newlydeads, Majesty Crush, Paul Epic, Rabbit Junk , and Crud . PIGFACE hits the road for a live tour in the Fall 2009.




Drink Up Buttercup Announce Tour + Northside Festival


"Lumbering drums, jangling shakers, electronic squiggles, and lots of whimsical, ragged shouts accompany the strutting bass line and stomping guitar. - Pitchfork Play Northside Festival and Select Tour Dates

Drink Up Buttercup has gained a huge following over the last year or so, garnering praise from Stereogum, Daytrotter, RCRD LBL, and CMJ as well as The New York Times and Washington Post for their extrememly dynamic shows. A common thread throughout their live reviews is excitement and appreciation for the bands' ability to redefine the boundaries of a performance, rather than simply a musical showcase. Drink Up (as New York Times puts it), "bash out its bouncy, oompahing songs on a much-dented garbage can" and the Washington Post describes it as "brokedown hurdy-gurdy rock that is one Jack Daniels' shot away from total, irrevocable chaos." After celebrating the April release of their 7" 'Farewell Captain/Sosey and Dosey' out on Kanine Records, the band is playing more shows, so if you haven't been able to catch this spectacle yet, fret not, you'll have some opportunities coming up in the very near future (dates below) which include NYC's Northside Festival.
DOWNLOAD 'Sosey & Dosey' from Stereogum:
http://stereogum.com/archives/mp3/new-drink-up-buttercup-sosey-dosey_063681.html DOWNLOAD 'Farewell Captain' from AOL Spinner's 'MP3 of the Day':


Friday, 6/12  - Kanine Records, Frenchkiss Records, and Insound Party @ Bruar Falls - Brooklyn, NY (12 AM)....Flyer Below

Saturday, 6/13 - Hooves on the Turf @ Trophy Bar -  Brooklyn, NY (3pm)
FREE / 21+ / 1PM Onwards


Tuesday, 6/16 @ The Barbary - Philadelphia, PA (7:45 PM) w/Clues

Wednesday, 6/17 @ Santos - New York, NY (8:30pm) w/ Clues

Wednesday, 7/1 @ Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA (8:00 PM)

Thursday, 7/2 @ The State Theater -Falls Church, VA (8:00 PM)

Sunday, 7/5 @ Talking Head Club - Baltimore, MD (9:00 PM)

Monday, 7/6 @ The Camel - Richmond, VA (8:00 PM)

Tuesday, 7/7 @ Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC (9:30 PM)





Pretty Girls,Wrestling, Amazing Circus Stunts and a FIST FIGHT
Redemption. Wrestlers. This time it's for real.

The Jim Rose Circus vs. Jake the Snake Roberts


  Featuring SINn BohDi formerly Kizarney of WWE + special guests coming to a Club near you starting this July
Ladies and Gents it is time once again for the infamous and wildly celebrated, our favorite ringleader, Jim Rose to take his delightful and dark yet comedic, mysteriously twisted show on the road. Jim Rose presents The Jim Rose Circus vs Iconic Wrestling legend, Jake the 
Snake Roberts. From out of the ring and into the clubs, this is the hottest mind bending thrill ride your money can buy this summer. A ticket is good for a seat, but you will only use the edge.  High-flying, bone-jarring excitement--not since Christians were fed to the 
lions has their been a show this funny. It feels like biblical times with miracles happening everywhere. You will need a swivel on your neck to catch it all. Done in a seedy atmosphere just like the movie The Wrestler .

Have you ever felt stunned laughter?  Besides amazing circus stunts and pretty girls everywhere, this is the most brutal comedy ever offered. These are the real men who don't need a ring. Their 
disputes will be settled live and raw on stage...using every dirty trick in the books. The intimacy of this epic battle will make you feel like you're living it.

This is a new  spellbound episode for the The Jim Rose Circus. This is not what you saw in the episode of the Simpsons where Homer runs away and joins the Jim Rose Circus as the human cannonball. And you didn't see anything this like this on Jims weekly Television Show, The Jim Rose Twisted Tour on the Travel Channel, nor on the X-Files in 1995, the much lauded  guest star role as the lead murder suspect in what was to become one of the most popular episodes. Indeed, this is not what you witnessed when Jim Rose was on tour with NIN and opening act Marilyn Manson in 1994 presenting some of the most raunchiest acts for its time. Unlike those, this show's content is a compelling one,  the theme is redemption... This is Jake The Snake Roberts living out his tragedy once and for all. Painfully misunderstood and abused within by his torment, torn apart by being loved not hated. He was supposed to be the bad guy against Hulk Hogan in the 80s but he sold his character too well and  his charisma continued to woo his fans. When he walked into the arena to cheers Hulk would get boos. The promoters invested so much into marketing Hulk as the good guy that they had to discontinue Jake the Snake while he was selling out Madison Square Garden time after time. 
He took it hard and had a rough patch. These tough times were exposed in the documentary " Beyond The Mat ," the writer for the movie The Wrestler says that this documentary is what inspired him to write the script. Now it's time to get ready to be engrossed for the next chapter brought to you live with your ringleader Jim Rose at the helm. Yes it's a soap opera comedy but that's what wrestling is. Everyone 
familiar with Jake knows this is a show about redemption, And this show is about his hard fought comeback.

Jim Rose will lead and mislead his rapt audience once again on a journey rife with misunderstood, mysterious and idiotic achievements as he plays The Villain. He'll explore and sometimes expose the
difference between man and monster. The sixty-minute plus performance is infused with Rose's wicked wit, stunning feats and unexpected asides. He delights the audience with his own tongue-in-
cheek charismatic style. Now be forwarned, this is not his first time showcasing wrestlers. In  
1997 - 1998 Jim put together a new show that featured Women Sumo Wrestling, Power Tools, Mexican Transvestite Wrestling, and a retrospect of his classic stunts. This show landed Jim in a Lubbock Texas jail, and banned him in New Zealand for a couple of weeks until the authorities relented.
Despite these set backs, it was one of his best selling shows ever.This new coupling of rock and roll and theatre will dwarf any show he has ever done. A showman in the classic Barnum style, he's obsessed with the best and the strangest and with providing genuine entertainment.
- The Toronto Star -

His delivery is brutally comic. He plays the highly-strung audience like a violin.
- The Independent, London -
The line in Salt Lake City stretched all the way to the Mormon Temple. They had to turn hundreds away. - Wall Street Journal -
Fun for all ages!
More tour dates to be announced: JIM ROSE CIRCUS VS. JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS TOUR DATES Starts This July

July 3 - longview, wa - cadillac island casino -
July 5 - kennewick, wa - island casino -
July 7 - portland - wonder ballroom -
July 8 - seattle - showbox -
July 9 - spokane - knitting factory -
July 11 - boise - knitting fact -
July 12 - salt lake city - club vegas -
July 14 - reno - new oasis -
July 15 - sacramento -
July 16 - san fran - dna
July 18 - santa ana - galaxy -
July 19 - san diego - canes -
July 20 - los angeles - troubadour -

SINn BohDi formerly Kizarney of WWE Bebe The Circus Queen

The audience is on their tiptoes, moans and shrieks, some people cover their eyes, others cast furtive looks at their companions.
- Ann Japanga, LA Times -

The absolute must-see act is the Seattle-based Jim Rose Show. - Rolling Stone -

Freak mania is spreading unabated. - Newsweek -

The line in Salt Lake City stretched all the way to the Mormon Temple. They had to turn hundreds away. - Wall Street Journal -

This word freaks could be a contentious one, however Rose defuses my discomfort with a short laugh.
- Sydney Morning Herald -

The show attracts a wide range of audience members; you see an artist sitting next to a cowboy next to a rocker next to a person in a business suit.
- LA Life -

We all went home satisfied, entertained and suitably appalled to the depth of our being.
- New Music Express, London -

I've seen a lot of things in my time. I must see 40 circuses a year- but this lot...They came on in their street clothes and then...They're beyond anything I've ever seen. They shocked me.
- Gerry Cottle - Circus Proprietor, in Sunday Telegraph -

Muzzing the line between art and outrage.
- Time Out -

All of this is not necessarily pretty, but it is wonderful, because it genuinely causes the mind to wonder.
- Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love, LA Times -

Audience reaction is largely that kind of revolted amusement more commonly associated with tourists at a bull fight.
- Melody Maker -

Will the Human Pin Cushion please report backstage. That was the first hint that the incredible, stupendous Jim Rose show was about to begin.
- New York Post -

Creating the biggest wave of this mania is the Jim Rose show, a Seattle-based rock styled live act comprised of a half-dozen attractions.
- New York Newsday -

Lollapalooza's word of mouth hit attraction.
- USA Today -

Hot business suit, Jeans, Jim Rose T-shirt, Reeboks.
- Richard Linklater, Director of Slaker, for Rolling Stone's Hot List -

Freak mania is spreading unabated. - Newsweek -

Amazingly, it is actually fun. It may not be everyone's idea of entertainment, but then what is ? It certainly does not deserve to be banned. - The Times Magazine, London -

If the body of performer Jim Rose is indeed a temple, he has perfected its desecration to a fine art. - Spin Magazine -

Selling out shows across a thrill-hungry nation. - Peter Gilstrap, Washington Post -

The main attraction was the Jim Rose Show, a post-punk freak show from Seattle.
- Jon Parales, New York Times -




Blacklist Release Their Debut "Midnight of the Century" on Wierd Records July 28, 2009

To listen to Blacklist is to listen to people who have chosen to stand in opposition. Complex and modern themes are wound tightly inside impressionistic lyrics, available to be unravelled by the curious listener or ignored by those who find themselves moved primarily by the force of the music.  The band's debut LP, Midnight Of The Century , is raw ambition mixed with raw power.  Mixed by Ed Buller (Suede, Slowdive, Pulp, White Lies) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Muse, Jeff Buckley, Iron Maiden, U2, Nirvana) , it is a potent dose of rock and roll maximalism.

When the revolutionary Victor Serge coined the idea of a midnight in the century, he was referring to the dark pact between two of the cruelest tyrants the world had ever seen.  And yet Serge is perhaps best known for his rambunctious, stubborn attitude in the face of such darkness: "the course is set on hope," he wrote.  It is precisely this marriage of extremity to romantic optimism that characterizes Midnight Of The Century -- not just in the realm of ideas, but musically as well.  Despite its density of sound and shadowy atmospheres, the record is the soundtrack to an uplifting journey that is as personal as it is universal.  It is also a fitting manifesto announcing the arrival of Blacklist.   

"icy sound and quaking bottom end is counterbalanced by a more inviting, anthemic impulse" - Village Voice
"bell-ringing guitars and dark-overcoat charisma transport you back to the Chameleons' anthemic heyday." - SPIN [ Songs You Must Hear Now!]

"equal parts pornography, poetry, post-punk and politics"  - The Big Takeover
"a much-needed anomaly in NYC's music scene .. with their chiming guitars and dark, romantic melodies" - Other Music

"simultaneously celebratory and melancholy... they create the soundtrack to an explosive resistance" - RCRD LBL

"Midnight of the Century"
1. Still Changes
2. Fight of the Demoiselles
3. Shock in the Hotel Falcon
4. Language of the Living Dead
5. Odessa
6. Julie Speaks
7. Poison for Tomorrow
8. Frontiers
9. The Cunning of History
10. When Worlds Collide
11. The Believer





Portishead are releasing a brand new track - "Chase the Tear" for Amnesty International. The track will be aired first in the UK on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show (7-9pm) on 9 December on the eve of international human rights day (10 December) and similarly on radio stations around the world. It will be available as an exclusive download single from 7 digital ( http://www.7digital.com/portisheadamnesty ) from 10 December, with all earnings going towards Amnesty's human rights work and all rights given to the organisation. A video of Portishead performing ‘‘Chase the Tear'' will also be available from 10 December at: www.amnesty.org.uk/portishead and at www.portishead.co.uk International human rights day (10 December) marks the anniversary of the United Nation's historic “Universal Declaration Of Human Rights” on 10 December 1948. The UDHR set out for the first time in a single document the fundamental rights to which everyone, everywhere is entitled - including the right to life, liberty, security, the freedoms of opinion, association and expression, and the right not to be subjected to torture or cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment (For more information: www.amnesty.org.uk/udhr ) ‘‘Chase the Tear'' is a reference to a paper tear-style “tear”, not a tear from an eye!



Download the new single Under Control from the Good Shoes website:

No Hope, No Future


1. The Way My Heart Beats
2. Everything You Do
3. I Know
4. Under Control
5. Do You Remember
6. Our Loving Mother In A Pink Diamond
7. Times Change
8. Thousand Miles An Hour
9. Then She Walks Away





Sharam Jey

“In My Blood”

Released March 2 Includes Guest Appearances from Princess Superstar , Nik Valentino (Lost Vlaentinos), Tommie Sunshine , Cornelia and Andreas Hogby (Torpedo)
In My Blood ” is Sharam Jey 's long-awaited forthcoming second artist album
and he's really taken things to the next level. Not happy to settle for mediocrity, he's worked hard and pushed things to unexpected heights, working with a host of amazing collaborators that really vary the sounds of the record and take you by surprise.

The first taste of the new album came courtesy of the Princess Superstar featured “ Monday Morning ” single but things got a little hotter and rougher when he teamed up with his first of three breath-taking collaborations with Australia's Nik Valentino (of Lost Valentinos ) for the album's title track “ In My Blood ”. Other froth-inducing collaborations on the record include Tommie Sunshine , Andreas Hogby (of Swede rockers Torpedo ) and the fantastic Cornelia , who has the sickly sweet vocals of an angel set for mischief. However, it's his ongoing collaborations with Nik Valentino that really steal our hearts back to the dance-floor, as they set temperatures soaring and pulses racing. “ In My Blood ” shows Sharam in his very best form yet, even the levels you'd come to expect from him until now have been thrown off the Richter-scale as he gets set to take us by the hand and lead us through 2010 with that ultimate ease only he's capable of.
Download Army of Men (Disco Trash Remix)

Army of Men features the syrupy sweet vocal stylings of Swedish chanteuse Cornelia , who's been hotly-tipped as one to watch after critics and fans alike fell for her dulcet tones with the recent release of her EP Capsule .

This is one track that's set to catch audiences all off-guard, getting the ladies up on their feet and dancefloor-forth, as the men fall head first in lust with the charm of Cornelia's vocals weaved around a stalking beat, that sounds made just for her to swing ever-so gently upon. Check out the video here: SHARAM JEY feat. CORNELIA - ARMY OF MEN www.myspace.com/sharamjey



Legends Orbital return to the US by popular demand !  

"Ladies and Gentleman, stand-by for lift-off. The Festival favorites and dance music pioneers, Orbital are back together." - The Times
"One of the most enduring images in dance music"  - The Guardian
"Orbital are a rock act in dance clothing"  - Music Week
  "1 of the Top 50 gigs of all time." (about Orbital's Glastonbury performance) Q Magazine DJ - "One of the most popular dance acts of all time"   DJ  Winner - 'Best Live Act 2009' DJ
"Only real, larger than life rockstars could command herds of such magnitude!"  - Time Out

Orbital US dates: 
Saturday, March 27 - Miami Florida - Bicentennial Park - Ultra Festival - Headlining Saturday Friday, April 16 - San Francisco - Warfield Theatre - 10:15 tentative set time Sunday, April 18th -  Indio, CA - Coachella

Contemporaries of the Chemical Brothers and Underworld, Orbital enjoyed a dazzling 15-year stint before bowing out gracefully four years ago. Raised in suburban Sevenoaks, near the M25 orbital motorway which inspired their name, Paul and Phil Hartnoll began honing their unique brand of homegrown electro long before the acid house boom gave British pop a much-needed kick up its baggy trousers. In their secret sound laboratory, these twin Timelords of techno produced gleaming machine-music classics that sounded like Blade Runner on a Blue Peter budget. Between 1989 and 2004, Orbital released a string of addictive, eclectic singles including Chime, Style, Belfast, The Box and Satan. Many became evergreen club anthems. Some even became Top Three hits. During their seven-album career they also worked with an impressively diverse range of collaborators including electro-folk siren Alison Goldfrapp , soundtrack maestro Angelo Badalamenti and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hamme t . Meanwhile, Orbital developed an enviable live reputation, playing knockout mega-shows to huge crowds from Glastonbury to Woodstock to the Royal Albert Hall. Their music featured on high-profile film scores including The Saint , Event Horizon and The Beach . They also remixed superstar artists including M adonna, Queen Latifah and their all-time robo-pop heroes Kraftwerk . Since releasing their swansong Orbital opus The Blue Album and disbanding in 2004, both Hartnoll brothers have ventured into new musical territory. Paul took a more orchestral direction with his 2007 solo album The Ideal Condition, while Phil launched his short-lived collaboration project Long Range and carved a thriving career as a DJ. But they never closed the door on Orbital, and demand remains high for their fabled live shows. Playing musically adventurous outdoor festivals like Ultra and Coachella makes perfect sense for Orbital, whose magical Glastonbury appearances in the mid 1990s dazzled dance and rock fans alike. Their 1994 Glasto show even earned a Q magazine rating as one of the Top 50 gigs of all time . Always leaving room for improvisation on stage, unlike many electronic acts, Paul and Phil are world-class experts at building up large crowds into a frenzy of excitement. Their offstage manner may be deadpan and low-key, but their live performances are orgies of sensory overload and revved-up euphoria. Their perfectly placed samples of Bon Jovi, Belinda Carlisle, and Ian Dury always raise loud cheers too. Even at their triumphant peak, Orbital never forget their sense of humour. “Audience reaction is part of the process,” Paul explains, “It really becomes like a friendly football match between you and the crowd. That was always one of our strong points - and for people to say that about an electronic band is a real honour, because it's the one genre of music that's normally crap live.” “We've got 15 years of active service, making songs,” Paul says. “If you boil that down to a 90-minute festival set you should get something thoroughly good from beginning to end. Let's put some fun back into it.”

There's New Rave, there's Old Rave, and there's Orbital.
Get ready for a legendary comeback.


VISIT: http://www.loopz.co.uk/ for more INFO/MUSIC



Legendary Soft Boys and Katrina & The Waves member,  Kimberley Rew , Releases ‘Best Of' Compilation on 11/9
“Kimberly Rew is a gentle genius and his songs are a revelation.”   - Vicki Peterson, The Bangles. “Kimberley Rew is where pop and archaeology meet: the six-string guardian of old England, rocking the neolithic pathways just as the glaciers did before him. I can't remember a time before Kimberley, and I dread a world without him. Monster!” - Robyn Hitchcock.

New York, NY Kimberley Rew, the guitarist for British 70s art-rock band, The Soft Boys, and co-founder of Katrina and the Waves will be releasing a CD compiling the best songs of his solo career on 11/9 through iTunes and all major digital retailers . The compilation will chronologically cull the best 14 songs of Rew's five solo albums over the course of his twenty-year career.  Kimberley Rew's first solo album, The Bible Of Bop , was self released in 1981 and was compiled from four different recording sessions with three different bands – The dBs (from New York), The Soft Boys (with the legendary Robyn Hitchcock on guitar) and the second incarnation of The Waves (now featuring Katrina Leskanich and Vince De La Cruz).  Rew's subsequent four solo albums, the latest being The Safest Place, which was released in March of this year, have been lauded efforts that have achieved critical success and establish Kimberley Rew as a stalwart in the pantheon of alternative and underground songwriters.  “Stomping All Over The World”, which is the first song on The Best Of Kimberley Rew , features musical performances by former band mates Robyn Hitchcock and The Soft Boys .  The next two tracks on the forthcoming compilation feature musical performances by the legendary DBs. Further verifying Kimberley's status as a venerated songwriter who can hold court with the biggest and best of songwriters, Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze also guests on the song Simple Pleasures, track four on this compilation. Although Rew is best known for penning “Walking On Sunshine”, he's also written hit songs for The Bangles and Celine Dion and with his band Katrina & The Waves has even won the Eurovision song contest in 1997 with “ Love Shine A Light ”!!


The Best of Kimberley Rew
  1. Stomping All Over The World
  2. My Baby Does Her Hairdo Long
  3. Hey, War Pig!
  4. Simple Pleasures
  5. Honey, Is That Love
  6. The Radio Played Good Vibration
  7. English Road
  8. Screaming Lord Sutch
  9. Jerome K Jerome
  10. Your Mother Was Born In That House
  11. White Horse
  12. Old Straight Track
  13. The End OF Our Rainbow
  14. A Girl Called String


Notable Press and Artist Quotes

"I remember the very first time I heard one of Kimberly's great songs.....'That's Just the Woman In Me'. For more than 10 years I couldn't get the song out of my mind, and I finally had the chance to record it a few years ago. Now, that's what I call a memorable songwriter!" - Celine Dion

“I have great memories of touring Europe in the 80's with Katrina and the band. It was wonderful to see the love of her audience and how the band ignited them.  I remember how powerful “Walking on Sunshine” was at that time so it's not surprise it has remained a classic till this day.”
- Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac

"I have been a fan of Kimberly Rew's song writing for 25 years, and am dumbfounded by his guitar playing every time I see him play"
-Peter Buck, REM.

“Kimberly Rew is a gentle genius and his songs are a revelation.”  
-Vicki Peterson, The Bangles.

“Kimberley Rew is where pop and archaeology meet: the six-string guardian of old England, rocking the neolithic pathways just as the glaciers did before him. I can't remember a time before Kimberley, and I dread a world without him. Monster!”
-Robyn Hitchcock.

“The early morning (after the long night) that we finished "Walking On Sunshine" was one of the greatest experiences of my professional career. I'll always remember doing the final edits on the 2 track, and all of us knowing we had something that was really special.  Congratulations to Kimberly and the band on the song's anniversary.  It's a classic.”
-Scott Litt, record producer (REM, Nirvana, Incubus).

“When the Soft Boys split up, Kimberley was bursting with new songs, and ready to get into the studio. It was amazing how many great pop tracks he had written while being in the Soft Boys. We went into The Church studios in London with the band and laid down and mixed about 10 tracks in 2 days. All of them were great. Brown Eyed Son, came out as a single, but much as the Soft Boys were "a band out of time", in that Underwater Moonlight came out in the heat of the London punk scene, radio and press were focused on other things, and the single went largely un-noticed. Kimberley was undeterred, and with endless energy from Alex, Katrina, and Vince behind him, the band powered on, continued writing, gigging, and refining their art, and finally broke through with the massive worldwide hit Walking On Sunshine."
-Richard Bishop, owner of Kimberley's first record label and now manger of Henry Rollins, The Crystal Method and Robyn Hitchcock.

RESOURCES: www.tummytouch.com



Geoff Barrow of Portishead / Beak >


produced Berlin/ Bristol/ London based artist Anika who's self-titled debut LP is released today on Stones Throw Records . The resulting collaboration is raw discordant beauty - a three way sonic palette featuring trippy 80's post-punk, dub and 60's girl pop that has seen early comparisons to Nico and The Slits.

" Anika's voice is a warm howl, one that barely diverges from her speaking tone, melodic almost despite itself, a quality that lends fluidity to the spectrum of voices the album repurposes." - Fader

" The sound is fresh.... the songs get your attention; they've got texture. It's startling " - New York Times


Having just completed her first round of live gigs that included a sold out show in Paris (which caught the eyes and ears of tastemakers Colette and Agnes B ) and was personally invited by The Horrors to play at their infamous Cave Club in London, (where the line was stretched around the corner for all eager to see this chanteuse live in performance), Anika is setting her sights towards the US for 2011.  In the meantime you can catch a glimpse of  Anika rehearsing the reggae infused “No Ones there” from the debut album here . "It's a bass-drenched retro trip that spits in the face of modern production, embracing the rawest, most visceral elements of timeless sound. " - Flavorwire Daily Dose Solidly in the groundbreaking tradition of such deeply influential labels as New York's '80s No Wave nexus, 99 Records, the nine songs run the gamut from experimental rock (" Yang Yang" ), to soulful country ("End of the World "), to folk ("Masters of War" ), to pop ("I Go To Sleep "). This wide spectrum showcases Anika's expansive range, prescient talents and uncanny ability to string together a cohesive, disparate collection of moods. Anika and Beak> bestow a mature array of reverb drenched ancient drum machine rhythms, while expertly teasing out the more haunting qualities in each incantation.  "Enter a female solo artist for you to give a shit about. 'Dirtying sweet songs of the sixties and putting politics back into music with the help of Beak>" - LOUD AND QUIET The music selected reflects Anika's political stance, being both controversial and provocative as it's Anika's nature. As noted in a recent interview with the UK's Stool Pigeon We found the sweetest love songs we could find and made them sound like stalker songs, really evil. Using cover songs makes them a bit more provocative as you're messing with people's favorite songs and they'll hate you!”  Since the release of her album, her stint as a political journalist, has been put on hold as she focuses all her attention to writing songs and performing live. “ She sounds like a politically-charged Nico fronting the New Age Steppers or ESG” - Faris Badwan The Horrors ANIKA was recorded live in 12 days, with her three band mates, Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller and  Matt Williams , together in one room and no overdubs. In a recent interview featuring Geoff in XLR8R's current issue themed ‘Building an Iconic Sound'… the producer shared,  “ Just having three musicians and a singer in a room is a pleasure. A band like Can would just gather, record and they would sound so balanced and at the same time capture all these dynamics. I've become fascinated with this. I love to hear a really amazingly written song that's off kilter, and that doesn't hide its wrongness. ” The resulting collaboration is a political/trashy/discordant/reggae/German/old school Bristol/punk-funk sound - all sown together into a collection of classic, bristling songs infused with other-worldliness.  Indeed, it's an experience in uneasy yet easy listening. 







Stones Throw and Invada Records Join Forces to present ANIKA Self Titled Debut Release Out in US December 7

Stones Throw and Invada Records announce the US release of the self titled debut by ANIKA, out December 7.
"Political Journalist" is not a credential you find in most musician's bios. Wise beyond her years, Anika is no ordinary singer. Portishead's Geoff Barrow recognized this instantly and the two bonded over a shared, unifying musical vision - a love of punk, dub and 60's girl groups. Living between Berlin and Bristol while working as a political journalist and music promoter, Anika met Mr. Barrow through a mutual friend. Raised by music loving parents, Anika spent an early, brief part of her childhood in Germany. By the time she was 16 she had already bought shares in her family's music festival in Haldern, met Patti Smith and was dreaming of a life making music.

As a teenager in the UK, her appetite for discovering new music and being a musician became irrepressible. Post college degree and looking for like-minded musical souls in Bristol, she met Geoff and his band mates Beak>. The following week Anika and her "new band" went into the studio to begin recording ANIKA's debut album. Anika was recorded live in 12 days, with the four of them together in one room and
no overdubs. T he resulting collaboration is a political/trashy/discordent/reggae/ German/old school Bristol/punk-funk sound - all sown together into a collection of classic, bristling songs infused with other-worldliness, an experience in uneasy easy listening.  

Solidly in the groundbreaking tradition of such short-lived but deeply influental labels as New York's '80s No Wave nexus, 99 Records, the nine songs run the gamut from experimental rock ("Yang Yang"), to soulful country ("End of the World"), to folk ("Masters of War"), to pop ("I Go To Sleep"), showcasing Anika's expansive range, prescient talents and uncanny ability to string together a cohesive, disparate collection of moods. Anika and Beak> bestow a mature array of reverb drenched ancient drum machine rhythms , expertly teasing out the more haunting qualities in each incantation. Once afraid her youth would betray her and now, still only 23, Anika's sophisticated music is likely to draw comparisons to Marianne Faithfull during her post-punk/dub Broken English period and Nico during her halcyon days, Anika is sure to make an indelible impression on the music world. Not a bad start for a new talent whose album was no more than an idea just a year ago.

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Track Listing

Yang Yang End Of the World Masters Of War Officer Officer Sadness Hides The Sun No-one's There I Go To Sleep Masters Of War (dub)

Album Release on Digital / CD / 2 LP with Instrumentals - December 07, 2010





"Anika's debut record is unhinged to the point of requiring prompt sectioning. It is frequently terrifying, plainly unsettling and isn't the best thing to listen to alone in the dark. It is also quite, quite brilliant ." - DROWNED IN SOUND

" She's like a seriously pissed-off Nico shoehorning her way into a great, lost Ghostface Killah classic. " - NME

   " Yang Yang' is one of those rare tracks that is just undeterrably fucking cool ." - RCRD LBL

" Anika's new album injects some forward thinking elements into the post-punk template. No grey Factory re-treads here, instead the singer pays homage to the true spirit of the era. " - CLASH MUSIC

" Coming across like a less ethereal Glasser, a reverb ghosted chanteuse informed by the post-punk outer limits and fun-for-fun's sake, anika's debut record is one of those growers which soon envelope you and won't let you go. " - ROUGH TRADE

" kraut-dub and euro-trashy, like some eight foot viking-type broad testing the waters of hip hop. It's politically transparent, but not in some annoying M.I.A. sorta way. Simply put, it's fuggin' awesome. " - Impose Magazine

Sounds a lot like Nico circa 1969 fronting the Slits circa 1979. This is some mighty satisfying, dour, politically oriented dub. ” - The Stranger

Anika's approach is very much in line with the no-wave/punk-funk movement that was tailor made for disco edits and dub plates… think: Nico caught in a K-hole ” - Self-Titled




The Iconic BOY GEORGE To Release New Album ORDINARY ALIEN on Ultra Music

** Ultra Music Digital Release Out On 2/1/11 **
Pop icon Boy George is poised to release his first artist album in more than ten years. Following a non-stop, sell-out European tour with ‘Night Of The Proms' in 2010 where George performed to over 15,000 fans a night, one of the World's most recognizable figures is officially back on mainstream music's radar for good.

Ordinary Alien is an accomplished collection of tracks featuring Boy George & Kinky Roland's faultless mod-pop production. As songwriters and all-round creative entities, Boy George and Kinky Roland have worked closely over the past fifteen years and Ordinary Alien is born out of this relationship – the pair are renowned for their seemingly never-ending surplus of quality material.

If Boy George isn't writing then he is simply not Boy George - moving into 2011 and in light of this huge body of work, Boy George is determined to be the recognized as the talented musician he is. Ordinary Alien is the rise of George again – releasing fresh music to the World and chipping away at his craft as a writer, a singer, and a successful producer.

Originating from Berlin, Kinky Roland has been producing top selling tracks and remixes with some of the biggest names in Dance Music – Bananarama, S'Express with Mark Moore, Roland Sebastian Faber (aube records), Mini Legend, Starcluster (with Keen K on aube records), Marc Almond, Mark Moore, Jonny Slut, Glen Gregory, Fran, Princess Julia, Gene Serene, John Taylor; and of course Boy George.

Boy George first shot to international stardom in the 1980s as the front man of one of the UK's biggest exports - Culture Club, who are re-uniting in 2012 for a Word tour to celebrate the group's 30th Anniversary. He has sold over 50 million albums and has had top 10 hits in every country. Singer, actor, DJ, artist, photographer, fashion designer, he has constantly reinvented himself and remains today one of the world's most recognisable iconic figures. Having recently recorded a track for Mark Ronson's album ‘The Business International', George and Mark are appearing together at London's The Roundhouse on February 16th 2011!

Boy George will be releasing lead single "Amazing Grace" in two parts, with part 1 out this week! "Amazing Grace", which was written by Boy George, John Themis & Kinky Roland was produced and mixed by The Sharp Boys. While the first release of "Amazing Grace" features remixes from Kurd Maverick, Sharp Boys, and a variety more- the second part will drop Feb 2nd and includes not only an acoustic mix of the track, but 4 additional remixes!

In the meantime, be sure to check out Part 1 of "Amazing Grace", as well as the stunning and colorful video for the track:


Boy George's ‘Ordinary Alien' is released digitally by Ultra Music, on February 1 2011

Pre-Order Ordinary Alien on iTunes


Boy George's Official Site


Ultra Music Online








Music Festival Brings Jobs, Charitable Donations        and Sponsorship Opportunities to East Hampton EAST HAMPTON (New York) March  1, 2011—The inaugural MTK: Music to Know Summer Festival will take place in East Hampton, New York on Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14, 2011.  20 bands will play beginning at noon each day and ending at 10PM. Founded by Chris Jones, owner of Sole East Hotel in Montauk, and screenwriter Bill Collage, MTK delivers two days of adult contemporary music, as well as new and emerging pop, rock and alt-rock acts.  The bands will be announced in the coming weeks. In addition to music, MTK offers ticket holders the opportunity to enjoy local food, wine and beer. They expect more than a dozen local food service providers and restaurants to be represented.  A separate wine and beer tent will showcase East End wines and local micro-brews of which there are dozens. Over 20 retail booths will showcase fashion and jewelry designers and myriad lifestyle wares -- from surf shops to bike stores; from health & beauty products to wellness centers.  Both local and national brands will be represented. MTK has pledged to give $100,000 to East Hampton-based charities, payable prior to the festival to ensure the recipients receive the funding.  Charities will also be being given space on the sight to promote themselves, encourage further donations and to get people involved. The list of charities to receive the money will be announced in the coming weeks. Bob Kennedy of RFK Productions is producing the event.  Josh Deutsch, CEO of Downtown Music, LLC, one of the largest independent record companies in America, will co-produce. Ticketing: Two-Day General Admission Passes and Two-Day VIP passes will be available.   There are no one-day tickets. A limited quantity of upgrade passes to the wine terrace and beer garden are available to General Admission customers.  A pre-sale for local citizens will offer a 20% discount on any type of ticket purchase.  Tickets are expected to go on sale in mid-April.


MORE: http://musictoknow.com/





O rchestral M anoeuvres in the D ark Tour North America in March in Support of their latest critically acclaimed album History Of Modern
Plus free MP3 download of "If You Want To (Marsheaux Remix) "

O.M.D. - If You Want It (Marsheaux Remix)
***** 'Cause for exaltation' - NPR 'Synth pop icons re-emerge with '80s allure intact… Andy McCluskey's ageless croon still conjures ghosts in the synth pop machinery, as vintage Mellotrons weep quasi-operatic tears.' SPIN 'OMD has the dignity that made them huge first time' - News of the World
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark , one of the UK's most iconic bands, are back with their first new album in 14 years. The appropriately entitled ‘ History Of Modern' via Bright Antenna Records through Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group, has already sold over 100,000 copies. And what a return! Andy McCluskey has called it ‘our best album since Architecture and Morality ' – and few would disagree. The album was produced by OMD and mixed by one of the UK's most in demand producers Mike Crossey (Artic Monkeys/Blood Red Shoes/Razorlight). Last autumn the classic OMD line up of Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Martin Cooper ( keyboards) and Malcolm Holmes ( drums ) embarked on their sold-out 'History of Modern' European tour. The press raved. The Times praised their “ well-crafted song structures, lush arrangements and energetic stage performance ” while Q Magazine declared them 'soaring synth-pop of the highest order'. The tour is now officially heading stateside this March with North American stops including Boston, NY, LA, SF, Toronto and playing select shows at this year's SXSW. It will be the group's first US outing with the original line up since their 1988 stadium tour with Depeche Mode . After three years of critically acclaimed sold- out concerts in the UK and Europe these dates will feature the band mixing their most celebrated and classic hits; ‘ Enola Gay', ‘So In Love' ‘If You Leave' and ‘ Souvenir' with new songs, creating a distinctly contemporary live show. It's nearly thirty years since OMD first harnessed their creative and commercial powers, and 2010's comeback album 'History Of Modern' proves they still have a way with a warm melody and interesting lyric.  For all their love of experimental German music, the Wirral duo remains at heart, slaves to the pop song.  History of Modern is a powerful, pulsating, vibrant testament to their shared pop sensibility. Tracks such as ‘ Pulse', ‘Save Me' , ‘Sister Marie Says' and ‘The Future' are huge dancefloor fillers while downtempo gems ‘Bondage Of Fate', ‘If You Want It' and ‘ Sometimes' are simply beautiful, classic OMD songs that invoke their pioneering and influential electronic roots. Many of today's electro artists such as LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy , Mark Ronson, The XX,  MGMT and The Killers have repeatedly cited OMD as a massive inspiration. To view a selection of live performances by OMD: watch here
Press Assets http://eastwest.ilgpress.com/omd/media/
"If You Want It" video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sDPEJpjmq8&feature=player_embedded "Sister Marie Says" video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALQsqR1rmLM

“what a return this is.....distinctive charming synthpop”' – Sun “extraordinarily good, a belting synth-pop classic crammed with catchy tunes and complicated lyrics about life and death, art and philosophy”  - Telegraph  “the pair have done a fine job of honoring their past and pushing further forward” – Mirror A sound that is altogether modern without sacrificing the rich synthetic tradition that secured their legacy." URB I'm listening to the new OMD more than I imagined I'd be listening to the new OMD. – STEREOGUM "A new creative stride with the album while also harkening back to the crackling brilliance of their early singles." COOL HUNTING



For Immediate Release: July 11, 2011:

"...music...for people who want to utterly pulverize boredom." - Sasha Frere-Jones, New Yorker

Nobody sounds like Portishead .  The progression of their albums has clearly established their uncompromising stance towards their future. For the first time since 1998, Portishead announce their North American tour this October 2011. Portishead kick off their tour at this year's All Tomorrow's Parties presentation , I'll Be Your Mirror   Saturday October 1 & Sunday October 2 taking place in Asbury Park, N.J.  Portishead co-curated these two days of the 3 day festival.  According to Adrian Utley, “ We've always thought that we must come back to tour in the states, something we wanted to do with the release of Third , but our schedule just wouldn't allow it. Being that we were asked to curate  I'll be your Mirror, this just seemed like a good start to touring the states - it set's it off in absolutely the right way. We are absolutely delighted to come back .” Following ATP, Portishead will take the stage at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom for two nights, followed by shows in Montreal, Toronto, Chicago,  Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver. The tour ends in Denver on October 27 th . After an 11- year hiatus, Portishead's album Third, the long-awaited follow up to their 1997 self-titled release, debuted at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, received rave reviews  and has been hailed as an “ unexpected yet totally impressive return” by Rolling Stone Magazine , and “ Worth the wait ” by Newsweek .   "'Third' is more polymorphous, more extreme, more propulsive and often harsher than previous Portishead albums" claimed New York Times .  “ ...anyone can make abrasive music, but few can do something new and compelling with apocalyptic heaviness” wrote Spin Magazine . Following Third' s release, Portishead made their only U.S. performance on April 26th at the Coachella Music Festival after an invite only private rehearsal at LA's Mayan Theater. “ Beth Gibbons and Co. delivered bigtime, turning out stirring new songs from their first album in more than a decade. The band's warm peels of sound moved across the field like an aural massage, the six touring members locked in together with incredible precision, every turntable scratch and haunting synth gorgeously amplified,” praised Rolling Stone . Appropriately Portishead ended their set with " Thanks for waiting.”
Joining Be th Gibbons, Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley on stage are  Jim Barr (bass), Clive Deamer (drums), and John Baggott (keyboards). A limited run of tickets are available for purchase thru the Portishead website July 11th, 12th,13th, and 14th.  Direct Link: http://portisheadtickets.sandbag.uk.com/ Tickets go on sale to the general public July 15th and 16th, with the exception of Chicago, on sale date July 22nd. Support for Portishead on this tour is THOUGHT FORMS. 

PORTISHEAD TOUR  DATES: October 1 & 2               IBYM, Asbury Park, NJ October 4                      Hammerstein Ballroom NY October 5                      Hammerstein Ballroom, NY October 7                      Jacques Cartier Pier, Montreal October 9                      Sound Academy, Toronto October 10                      Sound Academy, Toronto
October 12                   Aragon, Chicago October 15                   Mexico, Corona Festival October 18                   Shrine LA October 21                   Greek, Berkeley, SF October 23                   WaMu, Seattle October 24                   PNE Forum, Vancouver October 27                   1st Bank Center, Denver








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