Alex Ross-Iver

...One of the only few Eastern European artists to ever achieve success outside of his home country, Alex started his international career as the founder of �AlexPopcom!�, the world's most eccentric electroindie band. Alex's experimental 'anti-serious' melodies and introspective pseudo-lyrics are catchy enough to stay with you all day -> Download Alex's Most Popular Songs on iTunes & Amazon ....

RossIverMix4 by alexpopmusic


Christophe Chantzis - songwriter/producer for UK Top 3 act Ian Van Dahl (EMI Music), songwriter for Samantha Cole (UNIVERSAL Records) will remix "WACKY JACKY" ! , one of Alex's most dynamic and definitive singles to date .

[CHRISTOPHE CHANTZIS (Ian Van Dahl, Samantha Cole, Ace of Base, Grammy award-winning LeAnn Rimes, Praga Khan, Lasgo, DJ Tiësto, Peter Luts, Absolom, Astroline, Dee Dee etc) & ERIK VANSPAUWEN are Belgian's most successful Artists/Producers in the UK ever, Through the years all Alpha Omega team members collected an impressive amount of Awards: TOP OF THE POPS Award "Top Dance" (beating Moby, Basement Jaxx,..), MTV Dance Star Award, DI Award UK ,Best Act', TMF Award, Musicbeat Germany ,Best Single Dance International', International Dance Music Award USA, Smashhits Award UK, Veronica Award Holland etc... ]

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"�Imagine a few friends sitting around and trying to find really weird sounds to include on a mix tape and you have Alex Ross-Iver's "Best 2001-2005" album. This album seems to sample every weird beat line and synthesizer tone known to man�. Listening to the entire album, I don't think I heard Ross-Iver's actual voice once. He used vocal distortion on almost every song, mixing in bits of house and techno aspects. A bright note, "Permanent Cooky Loves U" sums up this entire album with a really cool baseline, cool techno aspects and a great beat� but then comes the primal singing of Cro-Magnon man� In summing everything up, I am still having a hard time deciding whether Ross-Iver is ahead of his time or has just tried too many drugs� " � Tim Williams/Music-Reviewer.com





    AlexPop.com Piano single by Alex Ross-Iver


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FortePianoByAlex by alexpopmusic






Skin City by alexpopmusic


No Doubt by alexpopmusic

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Sting by alexpopmusic


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[ Genre: Electronica,Electropunk,Lo-Fi Indie,Experimental,Ambient,pseudo-Turntabolizm-TripHop,pseudo-Acid Jazz, Lounge Music , pseudo-Classical Piano Music,Club-Dub, FIlm Score "source music" , Humor? = (for fans of Beck, Moby, Brian Eno, Bongwater, Psychic TV, Happy Flowers, Jim Thirwell, Grampall Jookabox, The Avalanches, Jimi Tenor, The Human League , Basement Jaxx, Apollo 440, Orbital, Aphex Twin etc) ]

Hard to Dance by alexpopmusic

1993-2002 Lo-Fi Remaster Demo Mixtape Volume 1:
"1998-2002 Crazy SIlly Songs" & “1998-2001 Crazy Idiot's Weird Bad English for HeadPhone Use Only Songs” are two sets that have been long sought-after by Alex Ross-Iver collectors and fans worldwide.

Together, both releases provide the public with a wide-ranging view of Ross-Iver's work during the 1990s, and chronicle his outstanding
evolution from fledgling songwriter to one of the world's most
inventive and eccentric recording artists:






    Alex Ross-Iver celebrates 10 YEARS IN (Indie) MUSIC ! ---> 2001 - 2011
    Ross-Iver Billboard Discog / AlexPop.com History:



    REVIEWs - www.UKTop40Charts.com Magazine:

    If you haven't heard it already, consider Alex Ross-Iver's "1998-2002

    Crazy Songs Mixtape"
    Lo-Fi Remaster/Edit required listening for the

    electronic music aficionado. These re-releases and previously

    unreleased works provide the public with a wide-ranging view of

    Ross-Iver's work during the 1990s, and chronicle his outstanding

    evolution from fledgling songwriter to one of the world's most

    inventive and eccentric recording artists working today.

    In "Duplicity" and "Yellow One", the artist weaves together chopped up
    and transformed vocal lines over a sensual percussion section, that
    while initially seem to work in utter contradiction, create what might

    only be called instant nostalgia, perfect for 3 a.m. contemplation

    over an open bottle of cheap wine, or a long distance train ride.

    You'll hear it too... just give it a listen.

    This is what defines Alex's genius -his inexhaustible talent for

    combining the apparently irreconcilable as a means of creating new

    spaces of musical expression-- and this collection is possibly

    clearest demonstration of his gift of any his albums. From the Beck

    influenced heroism of "To Grind- Not to Cut", to the blissful zombie

    chorus in "Touch the Screen and Fly", the album is an exercise in

    dialectical extremes, good enough for any graduate level philosophy


    This is not to understate the fact that Alex Ross-Iver's music is

    endless fun. Listening to the music makes you just like the guy. There

    is something of a Lou Reed or David Bowie quality in these works. The

    music seems to be telling the world not to take itself too seriously.

    The playfulness, curiosity, and even optimism in this collection speak

    to Ross-Iver's good-natured quirkiness.

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    1993-2002 Lo-Fi Remaster Demo Mixtape Volume 1:
    "1998-2002 Crazy SIlly Songs" & “1998-2001 Crazy Idiot's Weird Bad English for HeadPhone Use Only Songs” are two sets that have been long sought-after by Alex Ross-Iver collectors and fans worldwide.

    Together, both releases provide the public with a wide-ranging view of Ross-Iver's work during the 1990s, and chronicle his outstanding evolution from fledgling songwriter to one of the world's most
    inventive and eccentric recording artists...


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    Buy 1998-2002 Crazy Silly Songs Lo-Fi Remaster / Edit Mixtape

    Buy Sting Songs

    Buy 1998-2002 Background Tracks Mixtape (LoFi Remaster/Edit)

    Buy 1998-2001 Crazy Idiot's Weird Bad English Songs / Lo-fi Edit

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"Best of 2001-2005" Album REVIEWS:

"...If there is one word to accurately describe Alex Ross-Iver, it is busy. This individual has cut over 500 tracks since ey got into the music scene at the age of five, and this "greatest hits" collection sports 27 separate tracks. However, just because someone has 500 tracks to their name does not necessarily mean that any of the tracks are particularly exciting. A sterling case of that concerns Steve Lieberman, who is up to eir 11th or so full length, and only can claim an album�s worth of strong tracks throughout eir career. Unlike Lieberman or Mizar, Alex Ross-Iver has a very high set of production values that start off tracks like "Wacky Jacky"... This does not change in subsequent tracks, and by the time tracks like "Latin" hit listeners, one can almost hear a cohesive album being created. This sound is something that is bolstered with each following track, even as Alex moves between different styles , tempos, and instruments used. The one act that immediately reminds me of what Alex Ross-Iver does on this best of CD has to be Wired All Wrong, which is an act that had a member of "God Lives Underwater" in it. Ross-Iver is able to jump through a number of different styles throughout the entirety of this disc, and it never feels as if ey is trying to throw crap on a wall and sees what sticks. "Will I Be The Best in Berklee" is one of the strongest tracks on the disc, as it brings Alex Ross-Iver into a very eighties type of electronic rock, almost as if Nine Inch Nails mated with Depeche Mode.The pseudo-soul sound of Ross-Iver comes back heavily during "Cin! Find Me A Small Car!". This track also changes up the output of Ross-Iver by having the vocals sound as if they have been screwed and chopped. I am not familiar with what Ross-Iver has done in the past beyond the tracks culled from eir previous works on this album, but this CD sounds as good of a place to go to learn about Ross-Iver than anything. Even though the tracks are all odd when one compares them to the rest of popular music, there is a lot here than individuals can find that they can love about Ross-Iver. Part Wendy Carlos, part Berry White, Ross-Iver has a number of tricks up eir sleeve to properly get fans to eat out of eir pocket.

Top Tracks: Will I Be The Best in Berklee, Cin! Find Me A Small Car!..." -Neofutur Magazine




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An electro musical riot...soaked in a vocal mayhem. Hip, modern, speaking the language of the new generation but still appealing to a large audience...


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Download JUNK LOVE by ENVY OF SAINTS on iTunes





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Disco Cell - Same Mind 
Download Same Mind from iTunes:


WeirdMusic.net 'Sounds Like' engl-ish Review:

" ..... What makes DISCO CELL a better electronic band than Kraftwerk or the Depeche Mode is their commitment to clean DANCEable beats and lighthearted and immediate hooks. DISCO CELL's "up to date / classy semi-underground / semi-mainstream 2010 dance club music will make your heart go 'bum bum' . Pay attn to deep Soulful vocals and soul searching lyrics -> Disco Cell = your New Dance Club Hero..."

Pay ATTN to: Same Mind (Antonio Baresi Remix Edit) !


Savon - Behind The Sun


Savon - Behind the Sun 2010

Download - Behind the Sun 2010 from iTunes:


WeirdMusic.net 'Sounds Like' engl-ish Review:

"....OK(confused)...Sexy trance Girl diva wants to Dance behind... the SUN ?? Euro-Dance Trance Pop Diva wants you to Rave on a beach ? Pay attn to The Mobb's "not so pop" classy/stylish Remix. BEHIND THE SUN sounds like: Euro-Dance Trance disco jumpy Fun/ 'GirlFriend meet's GirlFriend's BoyFiend =no more Ibiza sluts needed -> I need real Love" kinda music...."

Pay ATTN to: Behind the sun ( The Mobb Remix Edit) !!!














Seth Norman - "Concatenation"

In the early 90's, a young suburban kid in Portland, Oregon was avoiding his piano lessons in favor of recording himself making noise on an antiquated Casio keyboard. The ivories were completely abandoned upon his introduction to the drum set. Cutting class to practice with rock bands by the time he was in middleschool, Seth Norman had started along a path in music that was simultaneously rocked and redefined by DJ culture and the artistry of electronic music production. As a teenager, Seth put drumming gigs on hold to experiment with turntables, a stack of records, and his computer.

At 16, Seth was frequenting the DJ booth at parties in Oregon's underground scene. He would work on his own productions after coming home from playing trance, breaks, techno, house and drum 'n bass at warehouses and clubs around Portland. His tracks were quickly picked up by local artist compilations, fellow DJ's and radio stations around the nation.

A longtime fascination with hip hop, an intense enthusiasm for all varieties of music and a growing fetish for old vinyl in dollar bins and garage sales culminated in the sound that characterizes Seth Norman's debut solo release, a 5-track EP whose seemingly academic title suitably describes the experience of listening to it. Concatenation is a sprawling, fluid intersection of styles, where the sounds of jazz, experimental electronics, psychedelic rock, hip hop breaks, movie soundtracks and epic metal riffs collide recklessly yet smoothly.

This description is largely in line with Seth's assesment of himself as being "completely incapable of focusing on any single musical pursuit," as he puts it. While producing Concatenation, he also played drums on and co-produced Portland band Matilda Catches Fire's self titled album (considered by many to be a breakout release on the west coast indie scene) as well as two releases by the pop-rock prodigy band Paper or Plastic. This genre-defying passion for art is evident in all of his musical pursuits and embodied in his latest release.

Artist NEWS:


We are pleased to announced that Seth's dark and evocative sonic vision is now officially available for you to take home. "Concatenation", a five track disc that feels like a full album, characterises his deeply textured and rhythmically intense sound.

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