"U wanna have it" is the latest production by Monofono aka Gigabeat

His productions really kick-off and have been supported also by Mason.
Singer of the track is Naan, vocalist in Benny Benassi and Benassi Bros




WeirdMusic.net - MONOFONO Exclusive Interview:

Do you Like/Write Weird Music ?
I never heard before about Weird Music, but I will start to follow it.

When and where did your experience in music start?
I've begun to produce music about 2 years ago, while I'm a dj since I
was 16.

What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the rest
of the year ?

I'm working on various releases alone (as Alex Lextar) and with my
brother(MONOFONO). If the track "U wanna have it" gives me the results I want,
I will work for a follow-up single.

What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music ?
All the '90s dance music hits, Daft Punk, Booka Shade, Joachim Garraud,
Digitalism, Deadmau5 and all the Electro house tracks produced between
2003 and 2005! I think the best electro tunes were produced in that years.

Please describe your personal studio for us.
My "home" studio is just a laptop with monitor speakers. I do all the
mix and mastering stuff in a friend's studio and of course at Off Limits

What are your favourite readings ?
I'm not a big reader... I just read newspapers :)

In your opinion, what role does the third sector, public and non-profit
entities have for music on the Internet ?

I strongly believe that Internet has a double face. Each artist is able
to reach a label and getting in touch with its staff, but on the other
hand,Internet has increased the piracy, taking the music business in this
crisis. If I could do it, I will -for sure- come back to the vinyl's period.

Anything else ?
I hope you will like my release "U Wanna Have it" and my future
Follow me on myspace! www.myspace.com/monofonoitaly



Alessandro Pivaro (aka Alex Lextar)’s first approach to the dj-career was when he
was 16.
At that time, he bought the first consolle and the first vynil (“Silver Screen” by
Felix Da Housecat). After that, Alex has begun to work as dj in the clubs of North
Italy, like Suite 54 / Boom Club, dFace, Malibù, Lake Parade, Number One and
Under the monikers Steve Enderson, Monofono, Alex Lextar and Gigabeat Bros,
Alessandro and Gabriel (Alessandro’s brother) have produced many tracks, like
“The sound of violence” (by Gigabeat bros – on Superbia Records label), that it
was supperted also by Mason.
Alessandro latest release is "U wanna have it", by Monofono ft. Naan.







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