Alex Ross-Iver

...One of the only few Eastern European artists to ever achieve success outside of his home country, Alex started his international career as the founder of �AlexPopcom!�, the world's most eccentric electro-indie one-man band. Alex's experimental 'anti-serious' melodies and introspective pseudo-lyrics are catchy enough to stay with you all day -> Download Alex's Most Popular Songs on iTunes & Amazon )....

NEW: Download Alex's 'FIRE INSIDE' REMIX on iTunes !

Hear Alex's UK Club Chart TOP 20 HIT "Fire Inside (Remix)" on SPOTIFY:




Christophe Chantzis - songwriter/producer for UK Top 3 act Ian Van Dahl (EMI Music), songwriter for Samantha Cole (UNIVERSAL Records) will remix "WACKY JACKY" ! , one of Alex's most dynamic and definitive singles to date .

[CHRISTOPHE CHANTZIS (Ian Van Dahl, Samantha Cole, Ace of Base, Grammy award-winning LeAnn Rimes, Praga Khan, Lasgo, DJ Tiësto, Peter Luts, Absolom, Astroline, Dee Dee etc) & ERIK VANSPAUWEN are Belgian's most successful Artists/Producers in the UK ever, Through the years all Alpha Omega team members collected an impressive amount of Awards: TOP OF THE POPS Award "Top Dance" (beating Moby, Basement Jaxx,..), MTV Dance Star Award, DI Award UK ,Best Act', TMF Award, Musicbeat Germany ,Best Single Dance International', International Dance Music Award USA, Smashhits Award UK, Veronica Award Holland etc... ]

Download 'Most Downloaded Songs' Compilation CD !


RossIverMix4 by alexpopmusic


DOWNLOAD "17 Most Downloaded Songs by Alex Ross-Iver" :

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+ itunes UK store Download: artist/alexander-ross-iver/ id275229585?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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"�Imagine a few friends sitting around and trying to find really weird sounds to include on a mix tape and you have Alex Ross-Iver's "Best 2001-2005" album. This album seems to sample every weird beat line and synthesizer tone known to man�. Listening to the entire album, I don't think I heard Ross-Iver's actual voice once. He used vocal distortion on almost every song, mixing in bits of house and techno aspects. A bright note, "Permanent Cooky Loves U" sums up this entire album with a really cool baseline, cool techno aspects and a great beat� but then comes the primal singing of Cro-Magnon man� In summing everything up, I am still having a hard time deciding whether Ross-Iver is ahead of his time or has just tried too many drugs� " � Tim Williams/



Use NIMBIT store below ( Nimbit' page number #2) and/or click below to DOWNLOAD Mp3s from Amazon, iTunes, Emusic & "cdFreedom" store :



    Buy 1998-2002 Crazy Silly Songs Lo-Fi Remaster / Edit Mixtape

    Buy Sting Songs

    Buy 1998-2002 Background Tracks Mixtape (LoFi Remaster/Edit)

    Buy 1998-2001 Crazy Idiot's Weird Bad English Songs / Lo-fi Edit



NEW !!! "Best of 2001-2005" CD " LYRICS" VIDEO:




Alex Ross-Iver celebrates 10 YEARS IN (Indie) Music ! ---> 2001 - 2011
Ross-Iver Billboard Discog / History: |





Latest REVIEWs - Magazine:

If you haven't heard it already, consider Alex Ross-Iver's "1998-2002

Crazy Songs Mixtape"
Lo-Fi Remaster/Edit required listening for the

electronic music aficionado. These re-releases and previously

unreleased works provide the public with a wide-ranging view of

Ross-Iver's work during the 1990s, and chronicle his outstanding

evolution from fledgling songwriter to one of the world's most

inventive and eccentric recording artists working today.

In "Duplicity" and "Yellow One", the artist weaves together chopped up
and transformed vocal lines over a sensual percussion section, that
while initially seem to work in utter contradiction, create what might

only be called instant nostalgia, perfect for 3 a.m. contemplation

over an open bottle of cheap wine, or a long distance train ride.

You'll hear it too... just give it a listen.

This is what defines Alex's genius -his inexhaustible talent for

combining the apparently irreconcilable as a means of creating new

spaces of musical expression-- and this collection is possibly

clearest demonstration of his gift of any his albums. From the Beck

influenced heroism of "To Grind- Not to Cut", to the blissful zombie

chorus in "Touch the Screen and Fly", the album is an exercise in

dialectical extremes, good enough for any graduate level philosophy


This is not to understate the fact that Alex Ross-Iver's music is

endless fun. Listening to the music makes you just like the guy. There

is something of a Lou Reed or David Bowie quality in these works. The

music seems to be telling the world not to take itself too seriously.

The playfulness, curiosity, and even optimism in this collection speak

to Ross-Iver's good-natured quirkiness.



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"Best of 2001-2005" Album REVIEWS:

"...If there is one word to accurately describe Alex Ross-Iver, it is busy. This individual has cut over 500 tracks since ey got into the music scene at the age of five, and this "greatest hits" collection sports 27 separate tracks. However, just because someone has 500 tracks to their name does not necessarily mean that any of the tracks are particularly exciting. A sterling case of that concerns Steve Lieberman, who is up to eir 11th or so full length, and only can claim an album�s worth of strong tracks throughout eir career. Unlike Lieberman or Mizar, Alex Ross-Iver has a very high set of production values that start off tracks like "Wacky Jacky"... This does not change in subsequent tracks, and by the time tracks like "Latin" hit listeners, one can almost hear a cohesive album being created. This sound is something that is bolstered with each following track, even as Alex moves between different styles , tempos, and instruments used. The one act that immediately reminds me of what Alex Ross-Iver does on this best of CD has to be Wired All Wrong, which is an act that had a member of "God Lives Underwater" in it. Ross-Iver is able to jump through a number of different styles throughout the entirety of this disc, and it never feels as if ey is trying to throw crap on a wall and sees what sticks. "Will I Be The Best in Berklee" is one of the strongest tracks on the disc, as it brings Alex Ross-Iver into a very eighties type of electronic rock, almost as if Nine Inch Nails mated with Depeche Mode.The pseudo-soul sound of Ross-Iver comes back heavily during "Cin! Find Me A Small Car!". This track also changes up the output of Ross-Iver by having the vocals sound as if they have been screwed and chopped. I am not familiar with what Ross-Iver has done in the past beyond the tracks culled from eir previous works on this album, but this CD sounds as good of a place to go to learn about Ross-Iver than anything. Even though the tracks are all odd when one compares them to the rest of popular music, there is a lot here than individuals can find that they can love about Ross-Iver. Part Wendy Carlos, part Berry White, Ross-Iver has a number of tricks up eir sleeve to properly get fans to eat out of eir pocket.

Top Tracks: Will I Be The Best in Berklee, Cin! Find Me A Small Car!..." (Download Mp3s from: iTunes , )


-------------------------------- EXCLUSIVE PROMO - MIKA



500,000 albums sold in Europe so far, Top 10 in 15 countries

USA iTunes Top Ten and No 1 on US Pop Chart

UK Tour - December 2012


Multi-platinum pop-star MIKA releases his brand new single 'Origin of Love' on 3 rd December 2012 via Island Records.

Mika - Origin Of Love by PurplePR

'Origin of Love' is taken from his brand new album 'The Origin of Love' which, since release in October,  has been Top 10 in 15 countries across Europe, selling over 500,000 copies so far and reaching No 1 in France, taking Mika's career album sales to 9 million . Meanwhile Mika has achieved his first hit album in the USA, going into the iTunes Top Ten on week of release and hitting the No1 spot on the US iTunes Pop Chart.

Watch Mika perform 'Origin of Love' live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno here:

'The Origin of Love' album has been a critical success on both sides of the Atlantic. The Guardian gave the album 4 stars calling him 'one of the UK's most underrated songwriters' whilst Q Magazine also gave it a 4 star review describing the album as 'persuasive, likeable, grown-up pop' .

Completely self-created and self-imagined, 'The Origin of Love' has been a two-year DIY labour of love for Mika who has put together everything on the record himself, flying around the world under his own steam personally assembling an incredible roll call of collaborators - in addition to Nick Littlemore and Pharrell Williams Mika has also worked with Benny Benassi, FrYars, Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Adele), Klas Ahlund (Robyn's Body Talk) as well as working with some brand new unsigned musicians he found himself online.

This summer has also seen Mika play a live set at the Olympic Games and discuss the Opening Ceremony live on BBC Newsnight.

Mika is currently on a sell-out European tour that has seen him play to over 200,000 fans this summer and recently returned to the UK to headline a storming set at Lovebox and his own show at Heaven which The

Guardian gave a 4 star review saying ' Mika played the pop star to perfection'.

Mika returns to play the following UK shows in December:

Thursday 13 th December              London Roundhouse

Friday 14 th December                    Manchester HMV Ritz

Sunday 16 th December                  Glasgow O2 ABC

Tickets are available from and 24hr CC hotline: 0844 811 0051


Official Site:


Twitter: #theoriginoflove



--------------------------- Magazine Presents: Active Sense Records' NEW MUSIC:





Disco Cell - Same Mind 
Download Same Mind from iTunes: 'Sounds Like' engl-ish Review:

" ..... What makes DISCO CELL a better electronic band than Kraftwerk or the Depeche Mode is their commitment to clean DANCEable beats and lighthearted and immediate hooks. DISCO CELL's "up to date / classy semi-underground / semi-mainstream 2010 dance club music will make your heart go 'bum bum' . Pay attn to deep Soulful vocals and soul searching lyrics -> Disco Cell = your New Dance Club Hero..."

Pay ATTN to: Same Mind (Antonio Baresi Remix Edit) !


Savon - Behind The Sun


Savon - Behind the Sun 2010

Download - Behind the Sun 2010 from iTunes: 'Sounds Like' engl-ish Review:

"....OK(confused)...Sexy trance Girl diva wants to Dance behind... the SUN ?? Euro-Dance Trance Pop Diva wants you to Rave on a beach ? Pay attn to The Mobb's "not so pop" classy/stylish Remix. BEHIND THE SUN sounds like: Euro-Dance Trance disco jumpy Fun/ 'GirlFriend meet's GirlFriend's BoyFiend =no more Ibiza sluts needed -> I need real Love" kinda music...."

Pay ATTN to: Behind the sun ( The Mobb Remix Edit) !!!





Electronic Beats
by Gordon Stribling


Modus Vivendi Music - Volume 2
Rating: 81%

It goes:

Musical experimentation has been at the heart of dance music since its conception. Unfortunately, though, so has the trend for over-production. However, in this refreshingly diverse compilation, artists from around the world take elements from different musical cultures to create original, high quality tracks that stay true to the instruments they represent. The overall result is raw and organic and makes the perfect warm up to any festival this summer.

Justice - Cross
Rating: 68%

It goes: Like Daft Punk's naughty little brother

An always dirty, occasionally twisted slice of club-friendly electro from the Ed Banger label. Justice do….justice to their French counterparts Daft Punk, with whom comparisons will always be drawn.

Last Step - Last Step
Rating: 48%

It goes:

This is the latest guise of IDM artist Venetian Snares. Unfortunately it's a bit like a musical representation of modern art - a few nice ideas eclipsed by a whole lot of pretentious nonsense.

Rainbow Family - This Is Not A Circular
Rating: 71%

It goes:

Bright and summery throughout and portraying an almost childlike innocence, 'This Is Not A Circular' is an upbeat and cheery debut that becomes more and more infectious with every listen.

Echaskech - Skechbook
Rating: 79%

It goes:

Skechbook takes you to a dreamy wonderland of swirling electronic music. I advise you to make a back up as this album is likely to get a lot of use.

By Dedric Moore

Silversun Pickups - Carnavas *PICK OF THE MONTH*

Rating: 78%

It goes like:


Taking their cue from 90's indie with amps set to 11 and fuzz added on top of the mix. Not afraid to rock it heavy, SP keep the feeling raw and unforced as smart guitar lines complement androgynous vocals. Pompous-free attitude exudes from these deftly performed songs that in lesser hands could have turned into average radio rock, God forbid. Oh, the mellow tracks have some spunk as well (listen: Common Reactor).

Asobi Seksu - Citrus

Rating: 69%

It goes like:


Lingering guitar drone and dreamy-day his and her vocals played at a peppy pace veers into catchy pop, but the serious undertones keep it from losing the indie vibe.

Handsome Furs - Plague Park

Rating: 70%

It goes like:


Heart-weary vocals paired with the trending popular acoustic/electric band and electro beats. By the third listen, you'll be hooked as this is a cut above the rest.

American Catastrophe - Excerpts From The Broken Bone Choir

Rating: 66%

It goes like:


Boldly taking a Johnny Cash/Americana theme mixed with Spaghetti Western vibes and then rocking it Bauhaus-style, AmCat delivers on this smartly written to-the-point release.

Meat Puppets - Rise To Your Knees

Rating: 60%

It goes like:


Concentrating on mid-tempo rockers that aren't too heavy or too mellow, MP show that taking time off helped hone their quirky songwriting skills.



"Butterfly" - KElli Ali


click to Download: KELLI ALI Butterfly !

Butterfly is a Limited Edition acoustic album containing 10 songs Including the brand new �Butterfly', �Throw it to The Dogs', an acoustic versions of �Wings in Motion' from Tigermouth and a cover of �Willow's Song' from �The Wicker Man' soundtrack as well as reworked songs from the Rocking Horse album. Magazine - Butterfly CD Review:

...    Aptly named  Butterfly , Kelli Ali's fifth and all-acoustic album
departs considerably from her previous work. Her music has undergone a
metamorphosis, so to speak, since her days with the  Sneaker Pimps ,
culminating in this landmark record, which contains both new songs and
new versions of previously released songs dating back to  Becoming X
   The medieval harmonies and folk-influenced sounds on these tracks as
well as the wry and often tragic lyrics capture the imagination,
evoking images of far-off lands and fairy-tales. Backing Ali's
enchanting vocals are the winsome fluttering of flutes (Jane South),
the subtle bowing of cello and violin (Alex Beaumont and Stef
Pilcher), and the gentle finger picking of guitars (Pete Shoulder).
This line-up of acoustic instruments creates a delicate tapestry of
sound that is remarkably versatile - the instruments blend to capture
moods of helplessness, isolation, and frailty in tracks like Butterfly  and  Throw It To The Dogs , but also work to complement perfectly a sense of levity, in  Urique , in all, producing
interweaving melodies of raw and utterly haunting beauty (see  Willows
,  Wings in Motion )...


click to Download: KELLI ALI Butterfly !

( )


Butterfly Album Official Release

In November 2008, Kelli Ali brought us her beautiful third solo album, Rocking Horse which was produced by composer Max Richter.

Kelli's companion piece, acoustic album �Butterfly' is a charming collection of delicate renditions of her songs old and new.

Acoustic guitar and flutes flutter daintily between cello and violin and Kelli's unique, pure voice to interpret songs from her Rocking Horse album as well as new songs such as title track �Butterfly' and a haunting original cover version of �Willow's Song' from the cult classic film soundtrack �The Wicker Man'.

At the heart of the record is the simplicity and transformation that songs go through when being interpreted for the live acoustic stage.
Lovers of Kelli's Rocking Horse album and her live performance will no doubt revel in the simple beauty of Butterfly, which is in many ways a development of Kelli's relationship with her band, and live audience.

Listeners of Kelli Ali should not miss this opportunity to buy the Butterfly album directly from Kelli. This album is Kelli's first independent release and is only available as a physical CD from the shop and page.

The album comes in a beautifully artworked digi pack.

Kelli will also be happy to sign copies of the album!
If you do want your album signed, please send us instructions with your order on the PayPal - check out page by clicking on the link � Add special instructions to merchant � letting us know who you would like the album signed to. ( Albums will only be personalized if they are to be signed to someone )

All proceeds from sales go directly towards making the next album.
Thank you for your support.

click to Download: KELLI ALI Butterfly !

£8.00 In stock

price does not include VAT (if applicable) and delivery kelliali Kelli+Ali





One Little Indian Records (Bjork, Sigur Ros etc ) & Mag Presents :

KILL IT KID 's "Send me an Angel" -> SINGLE REVIEW:

"Send me an Angel" - SOUNDS LIKE:

" an indie-folk novella ...soulsearching "Indie Boy goes mature hero" kinda Unique sounding Vocals by Chris Turpin... Soul Scratching Violinish arrangement... TOM WAITSish Alternative post Indie Brit pop goes real mature Rock sound .... Send me an Angel -> will make your friends think of your soul to send you an Angel..." <-' KILL it KID Exclusive Interview


"Uncontrived, Kill It Kid are brave, raw talent." - BBC Newsbeat Introducing...

KILL IT KID QT Burst Its Banks - Video for new single out 3rd August.

The video for the first single 'Send Me An Angel Down' from Kill It Kid's debut album out now:




Band Members

Chris Turpin- Lead vocals, guitar and Songs
Steph Ward- Lead vocals and piano

Richard jones- Violin and backing vocals

Marc Jones- Drums and percussion

Adam Timmins- Bass, Banjo (Guitars)


BBC Introducing --> newsbeat/hi/music/newsid_ 7961000/7961117.stm

�Demands attention from the off� the strength and depth of their songs belie their age� - Clash

�Theirs is a vibrant blend of The White Stripes, barn dances and the Stephanne Grappelli - like fiddle-frenzy jazz/blues� � Q

�Uncontrived, Kill It Kid are a brave, raw talent' - BBC Introducing�

�Thrillingly unaffected, delightful' - Music Week





----- & One Little Indian Records Presents:

Official Secrets Act 's

NEW ElectroIndie Anthem: BLOODSPORT's "Sounds Like" Review:

BLOODSPORT Electro Indie Anthem sounds like: - "OMG !? Creative version of Bryan Ferry-ish kinda voice sings original Indie Petshopboys goes Blur kinda ElectroIndie hit ?"

-WeirdMusic Mag' weird/broken english conclusion: "British Indie Electro Rock by Official Secret's is what you need to be a British indie man - don't waiste your time online -> Listen to SERIOUS music -> BloodSport IS Serious Music = never never never never never listen to anything else but Official Secret Act - Buy buy buy buy 'Bloodsport' to Save UK scene from Pop/hiphop/shitrap/dumbcrap MTV Morans -> Listen to OSA - Support Real British Music! "


- Official Secrets Act IS:

Tom Charge Burke
Vocals, Guitar

Michael Andrew Evans
Guitar, synths, harmonium, vocals

Lawrence James Diamond
Bass, Vocals

Alexander Dunlop MacKenzie

Drums, Vocals


Debut album "Understanding Electricity" is out now on cd, 12" 180 gm vinyl and download.

Welcome to the New British Escapism........

Official Secrets Act from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo. & FatCat Records Presents:

We were promised jetpacks - 'These Four Walls' CD Review "Sounds Like" Review:

'.... Alternative Post-Punk-ish melancholic rock, scotish indie pride, tuneful indie guitar-ish sound - outstanding debut album ! ' favorite tracks: Moving Clocks Run Slow , Ships With Holes Will Sink '





Adam Thompson (Guitar/Vocals)
Michael Palmer (Guitar)
Sean Smith (Bass)
Darren Lackie (Drums)


"Rousing, sinewy, post-punk romp that crashes its way towards a
Wedding Present-style duelling guitar denouement" - Guardian Guide
"Filled in with real invention" - *** UNCUT
"They've already perfected a sound that sits between post-punk and
pop, soaring choruses saved from over-sentimentality by stark, even
bleak verses." - Independent (One To Watch)
"Blistering post-punk anthems of the highest pedigree: powerful and
tuneful in just the right measures, with lead singer Adam Thompson's
understated vocals keeping proceedings in check just as they threaten
to spiral out of control. It's a definite statement of intent." - Q

"Musically ambitious...An astonishingly impressive debut album" **** The Fly
"Shines rays of hope into the darkened corners of intricate indie" - NME  
"Seething with a newfound intent, their crisp, flighty choruses and
sure-footed narratives are bolder and more purposeful than ever
before" - Drowned in Sound

We Were Promised Jetpacks - BIO


Following closely in the footsteps of The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit, We Were Promised Jetpacks are yet another hugely talented young scottish band added to the FatCat roster. The 4-piece came to our attention when listening to some of the friends on the Frightened Rabbit Myspace page. Though recent months has seen the band tour the UK with their aforementioned friends, the four preceding years have consisted of local gigs in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh, allowing WWPJ to find their sound and hone their live performance.

Assembled in Edinburgh as high school friends in 2003, their first ever gig saw them winning their school's battle of the bands competition. Proceeding shows were after school performances around the city of Edinburgh which were well attended and fuelled the band with a hunger and ambition. If the nascent WWPJ aural template embraced light-footed compositions � few effects pedals, traditional song structures, clear-cut guitars - succeeding years have seen WWPJ soar aural heights and mine emotional depths in every sense: the band you will encounter now are a cacophonous tour de force: louder, wilder, avidly literate; fiercely melodic, yet eagerly restrained. Lyrics and vocal melodies come courtesy of Adam Thompson, everything else arises from the full group; Adam Thompson (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Palmer (Guitar), Sean Smith (Bass) and Darren Lackie (Drums).

Before even releasing a single, WWPJ have laid claim to some recent successes which bode well for the future of the band. A well recorded three-track demo was circulated and managed to pick up a KEXP track of the day over the pond, and plays on national stations in the UK were popping up on XFM, BBC and Q radio. Before the announcement of WWPJ signing to FatCat Records, a strong hint was sitting on the shelves across the UK in the form of inclusion on a recent FatCat sampler, mounted onto Plan B magazine.

A tour through September 2008 as main support for Frightened Rabbit garnered some great reviews for WWPJ. This being their first jaunt into England, healthy crowds arrived early on each evening due to the huge buzz in Scotland now filtering down south of the border. You could loosely pin some reference points onto WWPJ; the vocals reminiscent of Morrisy or Paul Banks (Interpol), clever guitar interplay similar to something you'd hear on a Billy Mahonie track, dynamically you could compare them to Mogwai, and generally Futureheads/Hot Club De Paris/Postcard/Fire Engine are all good markers.

Having received amazing critical support for �These Four Walls' and two already-released singles from the album (�Quiet Little Voices' and �Roll Up Your Sleeves'), as well as some high profile festival sets and an ecstatically-received main support set at Frightened Rabbit's Scala show in London in April '09, the year has already been a busy one for We Were Promised Jetpacks.

The band will embark on a US tour with labelmates Frightened Rabbit, Brakes and The Twilight Sad in autumn, shortly before a month-long set of UK dates.



Motion City Soundtrack

My Dinosaur Life �

Out TODAY on Columbia Records !


Motion City Soundtrack - MY DINOSAUR LIFE CD COVER



If you haven't already heard , Motion City Soundtrack's new album and major label debutMy Dinosaur Life � is out today and it's amazing!  And if you don't believe us, just see what the press is saying�


Stunt Company / Magazine Presents:

....On the heels of the new album Motion City Soundtrack is kicking off a headlining tour of the US this weekend in their home town of Minneapolis .  The upcoming 2010 tour will be Motion City Soundtrack's first trek in over a year and first in support of their new album My Dinosaur Life .  Check out for the most up to date information.........




Vanity Fair:

Motion City S0undtrack release their Columbia Records debut, the Catchy My Dinosaur Life .�

Entertaiment Weekly:

�On the Minneapolis quintet's winning fourth album, ably produced by Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, frontguy Justin Pierre lets his geek flag fly, likening a breakup to the destruction of Superman's home world and puzzling over ephemera ranging from acid rain (the lovely �Skin and Bones') to Busta Rhymes (the jauntily profane �@!#?@!'), all backed by soaring choruses guaranteed to fossilize themselves into your brain.�  A-


�� My Dinosaur Life , on which the band strikes a radio-ready balance between mayhem and melody, may well trigger their long-awaited breakthrough.�


�Smart, brash and mouthy, the songs on My Dinosaur Life have such irresistible melodies and arrangements that they dare you not to play them on the radio��


�This is the one that might make the band an international star.�


�Power pop with a new surge of energy�


� Motion City Soundtrack have made the best album of their career and easily one of the best albums of 2010 or any other year.� ( 5/5 )










Tower of Power, those super slick funk/soul/R&B all stars hailing from Oakland, California, usher in their 40th anniversary with yet another winning album. Every cut delivers hip and electrified re-imaginings of soul favorites from artists like Arethra Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Billy Paul, and James Brown. Larry Braggs kicks it off with blazing hot vocal work in "You met your match", whose unquestionable musicianship might be enough for Stevie himself to admit that he has. The second track, "I thank you" keeps it square in the pocket with the rhythms of David Garibaldi, whose linear drumming wizardry, along with hands down the best horn section in soul history, backs one of the most iconic voices of our time, Tom Jones. Other appearances include, Joss Stone, with "It takes two" Sam Moore, on "Mr. Pitiful", and Huey Lewis delivering a down and dirty performance of "634-5789".


DOWNLOAD "Great American Soulbook" from itunes:


-------- / MAGAZINE Presents:




An electro musical riot...soaked in a vocal mayhem. Hip, modern, speaking the language of the new generation but still appealing to a large audience...


DOWNLOAD Envy's 'JUNK LOVE' CD from iTunes:


Download JUNK LOVE by ENVY OF SAINTS on iTunes









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audience. We painstakingly review artists submissions, and provide
exposure, on the order of 100,000 unique visitors per month, to bands
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music industry insiders:







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