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UNIVERSAL recording artist, Ben Carroll, is set to release his first solo effort, A Dream Between Two Fires on June 9, 2009.  Carroll, lead guitarist for the chart-topping “Ra” (Universal/SMR) has spent the past three years conceptualizing and recording the album in between tours and recording sessions with “Ra” which has released 4 albums over the past 6 years with a combined sales total of over half a million units.

Along with writing, arranging, producing, engineering and mixing A Dream Between Two Fires, Carroll laid down every track. “ This record motivated me to keep innovating my guitar playing and overall musical style, as well as motivating me to learn engineering, mixing, editing, programming and all other aspects of studio work. I wanted to have full artistic freedom and be totally in charge of the end result.”

In his work with “Ra”, Ben has had multiple charting radio singles (Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts by Billboard's magazine etc) .  Ra songs have been featured in movies, television and sporting events.  Ben has shared the stage with many of the greatest bands in modern rock, (Korn, Godsmack, Disturbed, Seether, Alice in Chains, Deftones) and has worked with the industry's foremost producers and engineers, (Andy Johns, Bob Marlette, Toby Wright, Jason Cosaro, Paul Logus)


Do you Like/Write Weird Music ?

Yes I do! I've always enjoyed music that wasn't straight that is just...well, weird..and I guess that the music I write comes out a bit weird.

When and where did your experience in music start?

I began playing piano when I was a kid, somewhere around 8 years old. I switched to guitar when I was 11 after I realized how freekin' cool a distorted guitar sounds....well, that and Motley Crue...they were really cool when I was 11 I swear! I grew up in a house filled with rock music...jumping off the couch to Hendrix was one of my favorite hobbies. That is my earliest memory of music...jumping off the couch. I guess not that much has changed...except now I just jump off of a drum riser instead of a couch.

What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the?rest of the year?

Right now I'm gearing up to release my first instrumental solo record ?A Dream Between Two Fires.? This project has been in the works for over 3 years now. I am definitely psyched to get it finished and out into the public. I am really excited to get this record out, doing an instrumental record is something that I have wanted to do since I was a kid listening to guys like Satriani & Vai....maybe even jumping of the couch while listening to them. "A Dream Between Two Fires" is a blend of soothing tasteful melodies that drip with mind numbing hallucinogenic texture and dizzying virtuosic guitar feats...this record is influenced by Vai & Satriani as equally as it is influenced by Pink Floyd & Radiohead.

What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music? ?

A great melody. Great melody is what makes a song, weather it is coming from a voice or a guitar or whatever. I am always trying to find great new music that will inspire me to write my own great new music. Sometimes it can be tough to stay inspired while running on the hamster wheel that is the music industry.

What are your favorite readings?

I read a lot. Definitely one of my all time favorite readings would be the Harry Potter series..haha. Not very weird...or is it? But I read mostly fiction because I like all the lies.

In your opinion, what role does the third sector, public and non- profit entities; have for music on the Internet?

Maybe. I think no over anywhere to be tomorrow. Is at are run the what?

Who is Wacky Jacky ?

I don't know but sounds like a fun drinking partner....shots anyone?

Anything else ?

Besides the solo record, I am also getting ready to launch a couple of cutting edge music websites, the RockDoctors LLC & the American RockStar Academy. The American RockStar Academy is an online school where the instructors are Rock Stars...real ones. There are members of Ra, Shadows Fall, Megadeth and many other bands from multiple generas of music teaching guitar, bass, drums, voice, keys... In this day and age even the successful musicians are hurting a bit, and this is a great way for musicians to get a solid supplement to their income and maintain a presence in the industry.

The RockDoctors is the parent company to the American RockStar Academy. It is a Membership site that is a be all end all resource for Musicians, on the RockDoctors members have access to everything from downloadable lessons & videos on multiple topics, legal advice & usable contracts, people that can direct your video, or set up a guitar, get advice from doctors ? throat specialists, repetitive strain specialists, accounting..really just an amazing musicians resource. Good Stuff.

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