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John Zorn 60th Birthday

AVAILABILITY: 1 DAY LEFT TO LISTEN Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes First broadcast: Monday 02 September 2013

How many musicians' careers can be said to have spanned cartoon music, klezmer and extreme metal? None as important as composer and multi-instrumentalist John Zorn, whose 60th birthday is marked in this programme. Improvised music has been a major part of Zorn's musical life, absorbing these sounds and more in long-running groups such as Masada, who feature as part of this celebration with a performance from the Jazz on 3 vaults.

Presenter: Jez Nelson
Producers: Peggy Sutton & Chris Elcombe.

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"...In a world dominated by one dimensional pop music, Alex Ross-Iver defines everything that a music maverick should epitomise. His soul mates are the likes of Brian Eno, Phillip Glass, The Knife, Kraftwerk, Yello, through to Yonderboi and La Dusselldorf. In fact pretty much anything that doesn't fit neatly into a packaged music box that makes the listener feel comfortable and at ease. Alex Ross-Iver truly pushes the boundaries of experimentalism. It was his pulsating experimentalism and thought provokingly complex musical compositions which came to the attention of two equally maverick musicians. The Icelandic pair of Gisli Kristjansson, part of the hugely successful Waterfall production team out of Norway and a Number 1 hit maker in his own right, and the wonderfully talented Eliza Newman, whose band, Bellatrix, gained huge critical acclaim releasing albums on Bjork's , 'Bad Taste' label, turning her into one of Scandinavia's most talked about and sought after vocalists. Together they tracked Alex Ross-Iver down and asked if they could create a soundscape for one of his most complex tracks, 'Haused 2'. A track that if it were a book many would say it was impossible to turn it into a movie! Nevertheless, Gisli, Eliza and Alex have ended up creating a track which takes the listener on a magical mystery tour of their imaginations. 'Fire Inside' captures a feeling of tripping through clouds, chased by a Bond villain, finally ending up landing on an ice cap of emotion with a breathless vocal that oozes passion and dreams! This track embraces all the most magical elements of pop and avant garde experimentalism and will set Alex Ross-Iver on the road to finally translating success in the UK for a composer of thought provoking music that runs contrary to musical trends and passing fashions." - MusicCrown Magazine




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