Bazaar Royale, a rock star royale, imparts new meaning to the genres of hip-hop and rock and roll. His self defined "Aggressive Soul" is unique and original artistry. By melding the fierce, high-energy sounds of rock and hip hop with gritty vocals and soulful rhythms he's produced his own sound. He sings of freedom. Bazaar's feral war cry transports listeners into his world of pain and suffering illuminated by hope. Many artist profess that they will change the face of music; however, few are equipped with the ammunition to do so. Bazaar Royale is a composer and a lyricist that challenges the status quo. His sound "Aggressive Soul" is poised to knock the industry's paradigm of categorized music from its foundation, forcing minds to prescribe to a new way of thinking about what music is and what music can be. He taps into the well of his life experience delivering music that is rich in contradictions. In songs like, "Build a City" and "It's Gonna be Alright" he's a soldier for the disadvantaged- a messenger of hope who makes listeners believe in their innate goodness, and the ability to create an idyllic world order. Defiant and selfish in songs like "Lets Get Violent" and "Draw your Guns", he dares anyone to stand in his way. He's fearless as he mines his pain and his hope, much in the same way he mines the genres of hop-hop, rock and rhythm & blues to create a new sound. He knows no limitation in his quest to create his musical destiny. Shuffled through the revolving doors of various institutions in his youth, Bazaar refused to be bound by the confines of our institutional systems. As a child he was hyperactive and fiercely creative. Improperly channeled, his creativity manifested itself in bad behavior. But Bazaar always knew his destiny was to fly. His musical redemption song is reflective of his personal torment, ancombines years of pain, rage, suffering and neglect into a battle cry respect and success, championing the irrepressibleness of the human spirit. Bazaar Royale is a Rock Star. Like James Brown is the "Godfather of Soul",mBazaar Royale is the "Prince of Ghetto Metal". His musical style is all his own, He is one of those gifted few that does what he does naturally. His raspy, bluesy yet soulful voice, combined with his "Aggressive soul/rock music", his intense energy, and his heartfelt lyrics, is something that is a rarity in artist today. He has amassed a following that has caused a movement. He is the Artist's Artist.






- Do you Like/Write Weird Music ?

Like is an understatement Love is the correct term! 

- When and where did your experience in music start ?

In the Womb of my mother. She was so into to all sorts of music, and I could feel it even before I was born.

- What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the rest of the year ?

I'm currently working on finishing up my album, and I plan go on tour soon. Also Im focusing on being on the road 320 days out the year.

- What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music ?

 My greatest inspiration is the lack of creativity that I wittiness within the music business . That motivates me to be me and write the music  I write.

- Please describe your personal studio for us...


- What are your favorite readings ?

I love reading the Wallstreet Journey, Billboard Magazine and the Dictionary. 

- In your opinion, what role does the third sector, public and non- 
  profit entities; have for music on the Internet ?


-  Are you religious ? 


- The person you would never want to meet ? 


- What was your inspiration behind Ghetto Metal?  

Hip Hop and Rock and Roll had been put into a box, so I created a genre to give voice to the people who didnt have a voice in music. I gave them a new prospective sort of speak

- What is your best physical attribute ? 

I guess I would say my Scars!!! lol

- Do you have a secret talent and what is it ? 

If I told you then it wouldn't be secret.

- 3 things you cannot live without?

Air, my heart, and water

- What is one unique thing are you afraid of ? 

I anit afraid of SHIT!!!

- If you were a worm, how long would you be ? 

I would be as long as the sea!!!lol

- Who is Wacky Jacky

You Tell me!

- Are you an Idiot ? 

Are you?

- Anything else ?

Is there?????



"The Ride” is about the human quest of trying to constantly evolve into a better human being….” --Bazaar Royale Bazaar Royale is a rock star, a larger than life personality waiting for the mainstream to catch on. The creator of the “Ghetto Metal” movement, Royale has built a new sound that is full of rock optimism, spiked with a gritty dose of reality—the hard times millions of people are going through around the world. On his most recent CD, “The Ride” Royale takes us on a journey of self-discovery;

Who am I as an individual and What role do I play in society? If that seems like a grandiose premise, I encourage you to take a moment to press the play button and see for yourself. more... less... Bazaar had an interesting but difficult childhood. His mother was a model /actress and singer who sang background for a number of R&B groups including Freddy Jackson and Luther Vandross. Although his mother’s career inspired Bazaar to want to also pursue a career in show business, Bazaar’s early exposure to the world of entertainment also took a negative toll on a young boy exposed to a little too much before his time.
As a result, Bazaar lost his way in his early years and found himself on a path of rebellious self –destruction. Unlike a lot of artists, he doesn’t glamorous his past transgressions, instead he’d rather focus on the present moment and the positive impact he’s making now.

Bazaar works with some top-notched musicians to create a multi-layered Hip Hop, Soul/Funk in your face Rock sound. He has performed with artists such as, DMX, and Autoslave. His Ghetto Metal movement has already got some world class fans spreading the word. George Clinton, the innovative, poetic leader of Parliament Funkadelic explains it like this: “Ghetto Metal is aggression rock & roll that repossessed its own soul.” Mark Ronson, the legendary music producer who has worked with; Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera and Macy Grey says, “Ghetto Metal. The term sounds amazing because it just rings. It’s hip hop and rock. And not just any kind of Rock, it’s HARD Guitar Rock.

There’s a raw energy that comes from Bazaar.” Bazaar would like to invite you to take “The Ride” with him. He says, “When I was coming up, the people I liked were the risk takers, the adrenaline junkies. They put their money where their mouth is.” “The Ride” is probably the closest thing to a “concept” CD you are likely to find these days. Each track tells a stand-alone story. And together, the songs make up the soundtrack of Bazaar’s life. “Take The Ride with me, because you might learn something about yourself along the way. I’m still learning. I’m still on this journey and it’s great to have some fellow travelers along the way.” “Hard Times, Celebrate” is the first single off “The Ride” and it features Phil Collen the guitarist from Def Leppard.

The video shows Royale decked out in giant aluminum and mesh angel wings, wearing a neon halo that keeps flickering off. The chorus: “If you having hard times, need to celebrate. Sip a little wine, drink some bubbly. Your life ain’t ruined in one day. It keeps coming and coming and coming and…” His inspiration for the song? He says, “We’ve got factories closing, people losing their jobs. We’ve got Tsunamis and the disaster in Haiti. But what I learned growing up and going through some hard times myself is even in chaos there are moments of hope.

There’s a smile or a laugh and you need to celebrate it, right at that moment. Don’t wait.” In “Love the Danger” Royale’s soaring vocals are like a cross between Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. The NY Post called Royale “The Ghetto Axl Rose.” And even if that sounds like a dig, Royale takes it as a compliment saying, “I love all kinds of music. I love Guns & Roses.

They came in hard and from the heart.” The horn arrangements on this song are as plush as The Doors’ “Touch Me” and the chorus is as catchy as Lenny Kravitz “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” With songs like this and a personality that’s larger than life, Bazaar Royale and his “Ghetto Metal” movement are sure to captivate fans from a wide variety of musical genres. Everything from Hip Hop to Soul, Rock, Jazz and Pop. You can imagine these songs pumping over a mile high stack of amps at your local stadium with Bazaar in full glory on stage, complete with those aluminum wings and brightly glowing neon halo, in front of 30,000 cheering fans. But this is more than just arena rock that you can groove to.

This is arena rock that you can groove to and that will move you on a whole deeper level. They say, “Music tames the savage beast.” In this case, Royale harnesses the heaviness of great rock n’ roll mixed with soul to inspire anyone who’s been through hard times.

Still not a believer? Press play. You will be.









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