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Shalamon Baskin

A.Lua’Sol Biography

Capturing a feeling within a few moments of Music and words. Making songs which take people on flights of fancy, in order to experience those feelings, emotions, music and words again and again – hopefully for a very long time.
This is the core mission of A. Lua’Sol, as defined and stated by the men themselves, Marco Leeuwis and Shalamon Baskin. Over the years both have created or been involved in various projects, which achieved success the world over. The point of A. Lua’Sol however, is not to ride on the success of the past, but rather to create something new and enjoyable for themselves as well the general public (It’s all about the people man!).
Shalamon Baskin “I am in Love with songwriting and performing. There is nothing I would rather do more at the moment, than those two things. I am ecstatic to be able to let people see and hear another part of Me through the creativity of A. Lua’Sol”.
Marco Leeuwis “I eat, drink and dream music. Producing, writing, and deejaying take up most of My time. When I create a song, I always have the party people at the forefront of My mind so....Let’s Party!”. A. Lua’Sol is actually three Brazilian words put together, A moon sun. It describes those special days, when the moon and sun let themselves be seen at the same time. This is something special, mysterious and magical, yet anyone Who looks up can enjoy and experience A. Lua’Sol….And with open ears, You can now hear them as well.
Marco and Shamrock met at the end of 2008 through a mutual friend while Shamrock was rehearsing for a tour of The Netherlands. Shortly afterwards, Marco invited Shamrock to his studio. They wrote three songs in as many hours and decided then and there to do a project together. Thus was A.Lua’Sol born. Shamrock and Marco decided early on, A.Lua’Sol would be a song driven project, using various guest Artists as required, in order to give each song its own voice, color, identity and vibe. The music is honest-- Pop/Dance with a touch of Urban R&B and whatever else the guys feel like throwing into the mix. Although A.Lua’Sol is Marco and Shamrock, it also a collective of like minded individuals, whose sole purpose is to bring great music and entertainment to the world. The guys will be introducing many new Artists as well as re-introducing Artists they think are great. The same rules will apply for their live show. A.Lua’Sol is taken from the Brazilian words for Moon and Sun. And describes those special days when You can see both at the same time. We invite You to embark on what is sure to be a wonderful musical adventure with A.Lua’Sol.

Guest Artists: Greg Dillard(US), Drew Darcy(UK), Line Krogholm(DK), Nadja Nooijen(NL), Linda Estelle(NL) and a few more.


http://itunes.apple.com/be/ album/im-a-dj-single/ id422053063

http://itunes.apple.com/be/ album/make-me-happy-single/ id421385167


Shalamon Baskin - www.UKTop40Charts.com / WeirdMusic.net INTERVIEW:


- Do you Like/Write Weird Music ?

  Yes I like weird music, but would love to write more weird music/songs. I tend to get caught up in writing silly songs and silly songs about sex.

- When and where did your experience in music start ?

Okay, so now here is where I say I could retire if I wanted to;-) My career began in 1990 with HiTek3. I was signed to the same label as Technotronic and literally fell into the music business. Here is the short version of a long story. I went to a Salt&Pepa concert a month after My arrival in Belgium as an Airforce dude. I jokingly/seriously said to the Belgian girls I was with “is that it? they get paid for doing that?…I could do that”. The girls believed Me, introduced Me to their 15 year old friend, DJ Fresh 44, He introduced Me to Peter Luts, who became Our keyboard player and that was My first group. A Dj, Keyboard player and Me. We did three shows within a month. HiTek3 was at the 2 nd show and asked Me to do their album. A few months later I had an album, video on MTV, and was touring…See I fell into it.

- What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the rest of the year ?

Right now My main focus is getting My new project A.Lua'Sol up and more than running. I am also working on an album for Roni Meller and Dee Dee and have a few songs on the Joe Bermudez album. New single coming out with  Absolom. I am also on John Macravens' debut single “Make Me Happy”. My plans for the rest of the year are to keep writing for as many serious Artists/Producers as possible and to travel more as a Songwriter in order to work with other Songwriters whenever, wherever….And  keep on performing….Did I mention T-Spoon Reloaded has a reality made for the web show? I hope Linda lets Me be real. It may mean bleeping Me a lot, but that's Me;-)

- What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music ?

In the past I always loved Prince. The Pop/Weird Prince not the serious musician one.  The Pop/Weird Prince is the greatest Artist We have had on Earth in the past 100 years or so. The serious musician one…not so great…I was and still am inspired by all the New Wave/New Romantic/New Whatever bands from the 80s. I was an eyeliner/spiked hair/makeup boy, which was weird for a person of color then. The Cure, Depeche Mode, OMD, Thompson Twins, Full Force, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, The Squeeze are some of My all time favorites. Recently I have been listening to Country tunes. The Songwriting seems so simple but naturally flows.  But I guess that is what a wonderful song truly is--easy to swallow and believe. Lady Antebellum &dare I say Taylor Swift..Michael Garvin might slap Me the next time I see him;) Which brings Me to My biggest inspiration at the moment.. Other Songwriters/Musicians/Artists. I have been going to The Musical Suspects Songwriting camps in Denmark and have met and been inspired by the most amazing people. The great thing about camps like this is, you get to work with new and established Songwriters and Producers. It's cool to learn a bit about how other Songwriters, write their songs. And the camps have global participation.

- Best Song Ever ?

Wow this is difficult. Little Red Corvette(Prince) Angie(RollingStones)Let It Be(Beatles)Underpressure(Bowie and Queen) All Cried Out(LisaLisa and Full Force) Wonderful World(Sam Cook)

- Please describe your personal studio for us...

My car and phone, I drive and listen to instrumentals people send me. I sing the melodies and words I come up with while driving into My phone. I also have a tape recorder next to My bed and I wake up several times in the night and sing in ideas for instrumentals I am working on. Aside from that I have a lap top to type up and send the lyrics to the people I am writing for. I then go to one of My partners studios and sing the demos there….I have been thinking about doing a  very basic, simple setup. Only to make and record ideas. I can compose, I just don't practice it so much these days and never at home.

- Do You Like Your Voice On Your Answering Machine ?

Well once You become a professional vocalist, You learn how to change the color, pitch ect. Of your voice. If You think You sound goofy, You can just use another voice in Your awesome character voice arsenal;-)

- What are your favorite readings ?

Paulo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle, Inyala Vansant, Spiritualist writers and fantasy writers like Robert Jordan.

- In your opinion, what role does the third sector, public and non-
  profit entities; have for music on the Internet ?

I think their role should be helping Artists to be seen and heard more. This should be done for Artists who do not have a machine behind them. It would be wonderful to have a new project nobody heard of and to be offered a tour with a little money, just because one of these entities liked something about what You are doing…As of now, I do not know what they are doing.

- Are you religious ?

I am Spiritual. I believe I was put where I am in order to help other spirits/energy who need My/Our help. Music is one of the most powerful forms or energy We have and use to help/heal others. All Artists are basically one big family. A collective so to speak, who are more attuned to energy of all sorts than the average person.

- The person you would never want to meet ?

Anyone of these who is unwilling to change and is beyond help. Killers, Rapists, Racists.  

- If you were another person would you be friends with you?

Yes! I would love Me every chance I got!  

- What is your best physical attribute ?

Ahhh I guess I'm an overall good package…I wish I was little bit taller!

- Do you have a secret talent and what is it ?

I can dream travel and do work in different realms. I also visit other Artists there.

- 3 things you cannot live without ?

Hope, Love, Courage.

- Why you do THIS ?

This is who I am. I write songs and help people become and accept their truer selves. I'm a lightwarrior, that's how We do.

- What is one unique thing are you afraid of ?

I found this out last night… Pokers…And not the card playing kind. But then again, You are only really afraid of the unknown. I'm betting if I study them, I will become less and less afraid. Maybe even become friends. And if that does not work, some will fall.

- If you were a worm, how long would you be ?

7inches like My ****

- Who is Wacky Jacky ?

The new Culture Beat singer? But She is a friend of mine, so the wacky part would be crazy in a cool way;-)

- Porn or Horn ?

Porn with an option for Horn+ a y at the end with a few Viagra to make sure everything works.

- Are you an Idiot ?

Yes sometimes, but then again We all are whether We admit it or not. Idiot!

- Does your grandmother wash HIMself ?

All of My grandparents have moved on to the next life. Another level of existence, so I would say they are all clean. Even the hermaphrodite one;-)

- Do you hate your ex Girl/Boy Friend ?

I Love all My ex Girl and Boy Friends. Even went out with one in Vegas last year with My wife..Conundrum.

- Huh ??

Yes I might do that on a lonely night in a hotel on tour after being propositioned in the toilet.

- Anything else ???

Hold this…Uhhh flush and leave;-)



http://itunes.apple.com/be/ album/im-a-dj-single/ id422053063

http://itunes.apple.com/be/ album/make-me-happy-single/ id421385167


Shalamon Baskin


Shalamon Baskin





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