Contact ALEX ROSS-IVER / Music is a music production company 'mainly' focusing on two markets:

* Songwriting
* Film Scoring is available to supply music for Film/TV/Artists anywhere in the world using secure internet file transfer.
Company has a well-equipped music studio (samplers, synths, sound manipulation software, FX units and the latest technology in Virtual Instruments).

Artists/Bands - Production/Songwriting/Demo FAQ:

Q: Education ? / What Instruments do you play ?
A: Berklee College of Music (Songwriting,Film Scoring) / Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Q: I want to send you a demo music/lyrics.
A: Ross-Iver does not operate as a record company; we are solely a music production company. Ross-Iver does not accept demo music/lyrics or artists without a record or publishing deal.
Q: Could you please just listen to my demo and give me comments how to improve my songwriting etc?
A: No. We do not have an A&R person (because we are not a recording company) who can give comments. Also, due to legal matters, the producers/writers cannot listen to demos at all. ATTN: Unsigned Artists -> Magazine/PR/A&R crew can review your songs and image online for consideration if your material is posted somewhere on the Internet. BOOKING Info:
Alex Ross-Iver' "Laptop Music Show" (Electro, Lounge, Trip-Hop, Experimental - Instrumental Music Only!)
- (fill out this simple form and we will email you a detailed price quote containing information about our availability on your date, our services, and specific pricing for your event).


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