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Address the editor directly by name in your query letter. Nothing shows a writer's lack of attention to detail than a generic or "Dear Editor" pitch.
No, we do not pay writers for stories at this time. Despite being upfront with this, we still get many new queries asking about this.
If accepted, please park your ego at the door. We are very generous editors, but it's discouraging to find that many writers get defensive or hostile upon their first edit. All edits are meant to be constructive and to help you improve as a writer. No one starts out as an instant Hemingway. Everyone has to start somewhere and, yes, even the best writers benefit from editing.
Writer's Guidelines

We welcome both new and established writers to contribute to magazine

Please ensure that you read these guidelines before sending your story idea. We receive an average of over 100 e-mails a day writers who send us questions that can be found here will be ignored.

Unfortunately, we can't pay our contributors at this time but depending on what section you choose to write for there are fringe benefits like free CDs, DVDs.

What We're Looking For

We are looking for timely, balanced and thoughtful Indie Music culture - and media-related articles. We do not want gossip or non-consequential stories, like where Brangelina were last night.

What at do you mean by Indie Music culture and media?

Our coverage is wide-ranging and includes not only artists and celebrities, but also journalists, politicians and entertainment industry figures.

The Pitch

Your pitch should include the theme of your article, what research you have done and what research you intend to do. Be specific and keep it less than 250 words. If it is a music or film review, we prefer that you copy and paste the entire review into the message.

You've accepted my pitch, now what?

The reply will contain a proposed deadline and story length. If the deadline is reasonable, let the editor know as soon as possible.

Reliability is very important to us, so please keep in touch. Story ideas and life can sometimes take strange directions, but you should never miss a deadline without good reason and significant advance notice.

What is your average story length?

As an online publication, we place emphasis on brevity. Articles should be clear and to the point. Here are general word length guidelines to help you plan your story:

Reviews: 150-250 words
Music News: 150-300 words
Opinion Column: 350-600 words
Features and Interviews: 500-1000 words

Writing Reviews

We accept reviews for music albums and singles, DVD films and reissues.

Reviews should be 150-250 words in length with no paragraph breaks.

We generally do not accept reviews on items that have been on the market for more than three months. The more current the release, the more likely the review will be published especially for film and music single reviews.

Our Rating System

All reviews are rated out of five stars. There are a total of 9 regularly used ratings available starting from a star to four-and-a-half stars.

Five-Star Ratings

Five-star ratings should only be given to extraordinary, genre-altering works. If you believe a work is deserving of this rating, you will need to make an appeal to the editor on why the rating should stand. If the editor chooses to deny the request, or no appeal is made, the rating will be lowered to 4 stars (or possibly 4 stars).

Zero-Star Ratings

Feeling mean? If you believe a work is absolutely meritless, you will need to make an appeal to the editor on why the rating should stand. If the editor chooses to deny the request, or no appeal is made, the rating will be raised to star.

Writing News

Indie News is our section devoted to indie culture and media current events. Stories should be 150-350 words in length with short paragraphs.

If a story is about a well-covered event, it must be carefully presented in a writer's own words. Facts are not copyrighted, however style and presentation is.

All articles submitted for the Indie News section require that all sources be cited for editing purposes.

Writing Features & Interviews

We accept features and interviews on timely and thoughtful topics or about celebrities. We consider a feature to be an article that uses multiple sources and is topical in nature. An interview is usually published in the Q & A format, but can also be written feature-style. Experienced writers are usually asked to contribute a feature or interview. If you are a novice writer, we recommend writing a review or a short Indie News article first. When writing a feature or interview, the writer and editor will discuss story angles and deadlines. Only upon agreement will the writer approach interview subjects for the article. If necessary, an editor can communicate with third parties to verify that the reporter is working on a story for

Previously-Run Stories

We do not accept previously-run features and interviews.

Editing Process

Once a draft is completed, the editor will go through the piece and send the writer an edited copy. At this time, the editor will ask for changes to be made minor grammar and style changes up to a complete rewrite. We have published great articles here at, but no one has ever sent in a perfect first draft. So please don't take an edit personally, as all edits are meant to be constructive and to help you improve as a writer. This process will be repeated until an acceptable draft is submitted.

Publication Terms of Agreement

When you submit your article, we reserve the right to make changes to the article including, but not limited to, changes in grammar, spelling and word usage. By submitting your article to us via any means, you agree that retain the non-exclusive right to archive, display and reproduce submitted articles, photographs and art online and in print in perpetuity. You retain the copyright of your work and you are free to reuse your material electronically or in print at any time unless otherwise agreed upon.

Where to Send Your Pitch

Please send all pitches to " Editor-in-Chief" via please do not send any attachments or your e-mail will not be viewed.

Contributors will need to provide a Photo of themselves (minimum 600 x 400 pixels at 72dpi resolution) for their column.

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